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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Making the decision to look for another automobile insurance┬ácompany is easy. Trying to find a company who will offer the best coverage at the best price is often a difficult and time – consuming task. Using the internet is a great way to narrow down the choices before picking up the phone for more information. Most companies have wonderful websites that explain their different plans and will often offer a free quote to new customers.

free auto insurance quotes

Some companies will offer a free quote on – line, but others require contact information.

The company promises to contact the customer within a day or two to offer a more personalized quote.

Other insurance companies do not advertise free quotes, but will offer those quotes over the phone when the business is contacted. One of the first things a person needs to decide is whether local, personal service is important or if a company located in another state is fine. Many people want an agent to call for any problems they may have. This is important to think about when using the internet to search insurance companies.


This is very well – known company with many satisfied customers. Local offices are located all over the United States and nationwide coverage is available. They offer free quotes, but the customer must fill out a form on their web – site and wait for an agent to contact them. Allstate does offer several types of insurance and discounts are available for people who choose different types of policies.

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance offers nationwide coverage, but the number of local offices is more limited. Their web – site offers free quotes, but each driver needs to enter their driver’s license number to receive a quote. Some people may not be comfortable putting information such as that on – line. An 800 number is also offered for people to call and get their free quote. Several types of policies are available and discounts are offered for one than more policy.

State Farm

Nationwide coverage and many local offices are available through State Farm. Their web – site has a short form to fill out to receive a free quote. An 800 number is also offered and several times while filling out the form, the number is offered. They advertise great customer service and seem to prefer phone calls to web inquiries.

Progressive Auto Insurance

This company offers nationwide coverage, but the number of local offices is much lower than some of the other companies. One unique item on their web – site is the option to compare their prices to other companies based on the information listed on a short form. They offer their quote first, then offer to list other companies and their prices for a comparable policy.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Geico Car Insurance

This site is unique in that it offers the quote on – line in less than 15 minutes. A toll free number is offered for more personal service and other types of policies are available for purchase. An option to locate a local agent is also available and discounts are offered for more than one policy.

free car insurance quotesEsurance Car Insurance

There are no local agents available for this company. Most contact is made through email, but a phone number is available for personal service. This company promises a free quote in less than six minutes and a dedicated staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Esurance is an Allstate Company.

Safe Auto Insurance

This insurance is only available in 16 states, so be sure to check availability before filling out the forms. It offers the state minimum coverage at cheap prices. There are no local agents, but customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The web – site has a form to fill out to receive a free quote in just a few minutes. Their philosophy is they keep a person legal for less money.

Travelers Auto Insurance

Many discounts are offered on auto insurance through this company, but it is not available in all areas. This company offers discounts to drivers of hybrid cars and also has a limited list of other types of policies available. Travelers does not have local offices, but full – time customer service is offered.

free auto insurance quotesThere are many web – sites that offer to compare car insurance rates of several companies. Some of the companies they compare are not well – known, so caution should be used when entering sensitive information. If a quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. Research should be done on any company being considered. Contact the Better Business Bureau or ask the company for references from customers.

The search for a new insurance company can be made easier if information is gathered before starting the computer or picking up the phone. Have the make, model, and year of all cars that will be on the policy ready. For every driver to be put on the policy, have their full name, age, and birthday available. Also, if they have been involved in any accidents or received any speeding tickets or other moving violations, that information will be needed when applying for a quote.

Be ready with a pen and paper when talking to agents or receiving a quote on – line. By writing all of the quotes received on one list, it will be much easier to compare the policies and amounts for each company. Be sure that the policies are comparable in deductible amounts and coverage. One company may be a lot cheaper, but the coverage that is offered is much less than another company. Do not choose a company by price alone. Ask about customer service and check for complaints about the company.

Remember that free quotes on your auto insurance may not be the exact amount of the policy. Quotes will be generalized based on simple information and personal circumstances can change the quote amount. Only an agent can provide a definite amount for a policy. Ask questions and take notes.

Free quotes are a great way to begin the search for new car insurance.

Use the information to narrow down the choices of companies that offer good prices with other services that are needed. Once the choices are down to a few businesses, pick up the phone and talk to agents directly. With the information provided, a definite quote will be provided and an easier decision can be made. Be prepared to take plenty of time to do research and talk to companies. It is a competitive business – companies want to impress potential new customers with great prices and services. This can create a winning position for anyone looking to change companies.

If you are looking for online auto insurance quotes make sure you type your ZIP code into our free comparison tool to get a personalized comparison of auto insurance.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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