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Pathfinder Auto Insurance Review

To clarify, there are actually a number of auto insurance companies that are named Pathfinder, Path Finder, and similar, all throughout the 50 states. This review in particular is focused on Pathfinder LL&D Insurance Group, a company based in Texas with a number of locations throughout the Lone Star State.

pathfinder auto insurance review

If you’re a Texan, feel free to keep reading. If not, skip to our search engine where you can type in your ZIP code and find FREE quotes in your area. Pathfinder sells exclusively to the state of Texas, so you can skip this review if you live in one of the other 49 states.

An Independent Provider

Pathfinder differ from many insurance companies in that they are an independent insurance provider. This allows them to work with a great number of other car insurance companies in and out of Texas. This is important as it means that, no matter who you are, what you drive, what your history looks like or what you can afford, Pathfinder will be able to help you find an insurance company that offers a policy that works for you.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Who Do They Work With?

Pathfinder work with a wide range of companies from both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. Some of the bigger names attached to Pathfinder include Allstate, Utica Mutual, and Fidelity National, to name just a few. The list actually goes on and on, but we’re going to have to cut it short in the name of keeping this review short and sweet.

What Do They Cover?

In that Pathfinder work with dozens of other companies, they cover just about everything that those companies cover. This includes your basic private passenger vehicle policies and commercial auto insurance, but it also includes marine, review of pathfinder auto insurancerecreational vehicles, mobile homes, and motorcycles.

For those interested in umbrella coverage policies, Pathfinder also offer policies outside of auto insurance including home and condo policies, personal liability and even some other categories like fine art insurance and so on.

A Great Policy at a Great Price?

The appeal of Pathfinder is that they draw from so many sources to provide great insurance products to the people of Texas, and at a fair price. Not every insurance company offers both, but by working with such a large pool of insurance companies, Pathfinder is able to underwrite everything from minimum insurance for the college student to full coverage for the boat owner.

Whatever you need, Pathfinder probably has it. This is why they’re such a popular insurance provider in the state of Texas, with locations in Austin, San Antonio, Kingwood, and Houston.

Get A Free Quote

Before signing with Pathfinder, do yourself a favor and make sure that they really do have the best price on the insurance you need. They do offer some really great prices on some really great policies, but so do hundreds of other Texas-based insurance companies. You simply can’t know that you’re getting a good deal until you get a number of quotes to compare.

If you don’t know where to turn, use our free search engine to find some great quotes. Just type in your ZIP code and let the computer do the rest. In seconds, you’ll have more than enough insurance companies to compare.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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