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Stonewall Auto Insurance Review

Stonewall Auto Insurance is not an auto insurance company that sells its own auto insurance products. This makes it an auto insurance agency that sells the products of other companies to its clients. One advantage of obtaining auto insurance from an agency such as this is that the agents can find their clients the lowest prices possible for their auto insurance needs, but this may not be the best way to do this.stonewall auto insurance review

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No Rating from A.M. Best

Unfortunately, interested potential clients who would like to find out the credit rating of Stonewall Auto Insurance will not be able to do so. The company did not earn a rating from the insurance credit rating agency, A.M. Best because it is an auto insurance agency and not a company.

No Website Currently for Stonewall Auto Insurance

Those who would like to learn about the agency from its website will find that they will not be able to do this either. The agency does not currently have a website, which is the most convenient way that potential customers like to find information on products they need.

Types of Auto Insurance Sold by Stonewall Auto Insurance

People will not be able to consult the website on this matter, but Stonewall Auto Insurance does sell auto insurance for business owners, for personal automobiles and for classic cars.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Auto Insurance Companies Represented by Stonewall Auto Insurance

An auto insurance agency sells other auto insurance companies’ insurance products to its clients. In the case of Stonewall Auto Insurance, it sells insurance products for the following auto insurance companies:

  • Chubb
  • Encompass
  • Infinity
  • Peerless
  • Progressive
  • Traveler’s

Stonewall Auto Insurance’s Independent Agents

When people purchase their auto insurance from Stonewall Auto Insurance Agency, they will have an auto insurance agent to help them with any issues they may have, but this may not apply to the claims filing process. Clients will need to ask how they will be able to file a claim when they meet their agents.stonewall auto insurance

The Claims Filing Process for Stonewall Auto Insurance

Filing a claim with Stonewall Auto Insurance is not as easy as it is with other auto insurance companies that have the ability to begin this process electronically on their websites. Clients of Stonewall Auto Insurance agency may need to surpass Stonewall and go directly to whichever of the above auto insurance companies wrote their policies.

Contacting Stonewall Auto Insurance

When clients of Stonewall Auto Insurance Agency need to contact the agency directly, they are not aware of how they can do this. They do not have a website that gives them a toll-free telephone number, an email address, a mailing address or someplace where they can send a message.

The above information is very easily found on other auto insurance companies’ websites, but those who need to have this information on Stonewall Auto Insurance Agency will have to learn it from their agents.

Clients of Stonewall Auto Insurance who did not have any way of contacting the agency have gone to the Internet to air their complaints. This tactic has had good results, because it has caused representatives at Stonewall Auto Insurance to address these people’s issues.

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Stonewall Auto Insurance Offers Auto Insurance Quotes

Stonewall Auto Insurance Agency is in the business of receiving more than one auto insurance quote for its clients. The point is to offer the client the lowest quote, and this is what people can expect when they seek their insurance coverage from Stonewall. The problem with seeking quotes from Stonewall only is that this agency is not representing very many auto insurance companies.

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A Better Way to Receive Quotes

The better plan is for people to obtain their auto insurance quotes from our comparison feature. This company represents many more auto insurance companies than Stonewall Auto Insurance Agency, and people can be assured that they are receiving enough quotes for comparison purposes. Obtaining your quotes from our site will also be much faster, so enter your zip code now for free quotes. Using our site is your ticket to finding low cost auto insurance.

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