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Auto Insurance Quotes

Best Auto Insurance QuotesGetting the best auto insurance quotes online is a matter of knowing what to look for and how to compare the quotes you get from different companies. You should take into account the A.M. Best stability rating of the insurers you are considering as well as the J.D. Power consumer satisfaction ratings for the most stable companies before you make a final decision.

You should also consider different deductible amounts and look for discounts for good drivers and pre-payment discounts to make sure you are getting the best deal out of all the deals you are able to find by comparing auto insurance offers online.

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A. M. Best Ratings

The A. M. Best ratings service gives letter grades with pluses or minuses to insurance companies based on their financial stability. If you have a good driving record and good credit, you should be able to get online offers from one or more A. M. Best A+ or even A++ rated auto insurers. Some of the top-rated insurers may not issue policies for drivers with accidents or violations on their records, but you may be able to find an A, A- or B+ rated insurer that does issue a policy for which you are eligible.

Check the A. M. Best site if the online offer you receive does not mention the company’s rating or if you want to verify the rating that is listed on the offer. In today’s volatile economy, ratings may change and companies may be bought by other companies so verifying ratings is recommended before you make a decision.

J. D. Power Ratings

Best auto insurance quotes

J.D. Power is a consumer research firm that evaluates auto insurance providers based on their record of customer service. It also rates insurers based on price, variety of policies, ease of consumer contact and convenience ofbilling and payment. No matter how good an insurance company’s service may be, if it is not financially viable it is not worthwhile. Therefore, check the J. D. Power ratings site only for companies with a satisfactory A. M. Best rating. Chances are the companies will not be able to list their full J. D. Power ratings on their offers or online site listings so that you should check the Power site itself for this vital information.

You don’t really need to take the Power pricing rating into account because you have an online price quote that may include a special offer, and you can compare offers based on your specific actual price once you check the other factors. The rating for policy offerings is also of little importance so long as the firm has the policy you need at the time that you need it. In fact, you may be better off choosing an online offer from a company that provides exactly what you need and does not have many other options. You should, however, make sure that the company you choose has at least a three-star rating for “Overall satisfaction,” “Billing and payment” and “Contacting the insurer.”

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Choosing the Right Deductible

The deductible is the amount of damage that is not covered by the policy. You can usually select from different deductible amounts.

It may not pay to buy coverage that pays for repairs after the smallest fender-benders. You may be paying more in extra premiums per year than it would cost you to repair simple dents, scratches, mirror damage and the like. Especially if you are a do-it-yourselfer or have a mechanic who provides low-cost service, you will find that the amount you save every year with a higher deductible is more than worth taking the risk of having to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a minor repair that would be covered under a lower deductible. For instance, if you select a 2000 dollar deductible and you save 300 dollars per year, but end up needing to replace a 150 dollar mirror, you have saved 150 dollars for the year.

If you are a careful driver who usually drives back and forth from work on familiar roads, chances are you will have very few claims in any event, so that the annual deductible will mean nothing to you for most of the years that you own your present car. If you often drive on unfamiliar roads or have a new car that requires expensive parts, you should take this into account before selecting too high a deductible.

When you receive your quotes, narrow them down to two or three companies based on the financial and service ratings. Then, find out how much a higher deductible would save you each year on each policy by resubmitting the quote requests with different deductibles.

Good Drivers Get the Best Deals

You may be eligible for a further discount from the price that you were quoted by the company of your choice or the companies that you would consider. You might get a special discount from some companies in certain states because you have a perfect driving record, especially if you are a younger driver. Some companies may give better deals for customers who pay annually or quarterly rather than monthly. Usually, paying with a credit card online is the best way to take advantage of a special online quote, but some companies may also accept electronic checks or wire transfers. Chances are that payment by regular check will not qualify you for the best online deal, but verify that as well if paying by check is important to you.

Most importantly, make sure you purchase a policy with sufficient limits for both damages and liability to protect you in the event of a serious accident or unrecoverable car theft. Never attempt to save money by purchasing the wrong coverage. If you do use your vehicle as a commercial vehicle, obtain the proper online quotes for commercial coverage as you may be denied coverage if you have an accident while using your car for business purposes such as deliveries.

Look for amenities such as the availability of loaner cars, assistance with lodging, legal assistance and emergency roadside assistance to help you make your final decision after you obtain a selection of competitive online auto insurance quotes from reliable national, regional and local auto insurers.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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