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Union Auto Insurance Review

What makes Union Auto Insurance special is that it also has geared its policies around the needs and beliefs of union members. It pays to be the member of an organization. Organizations can qualify for special discounts on things such as auto insurance, and Union Auto Insurance provides this privilege for union members who purchase coverage with them. Enter your ZIP code and allow us to find the perfect auto insurance company for your needs! Then all you have to do is find the best auto insurance to save money!

Compare auto insuranceUnion Auto Insurance Strikes

The unions are aware of the special circumstances that can befall its members, and their auto insurance policies help to make things easier for them. One example is when the union decides to strike, and the members have difficulties keeping their insurance policies in place.

With Union auto insurance, members receive a deferment when they are not working due to a strike or a lock out. These deferments can last as long as two months.

Union Auto Insurance Group Rates

Because union members are a group, they can qualify for the group rate that auto insurance companies offer. When several people pay into a pool for the same policy, the rates can be significantly lower than if people purchase their insurance individually. With Union auto insurance, this can amount to $483 in savings for the year an auto insurance coverage.

Considerations with Union Auto Insurance

Members of unions are highly sensitive about jobs being done in the U.S., so they don’t like the idea of companies outsourcing jobs such as for customer service. They don’t have to worry about that with Union Auto Insurance; whenever members call this insurance company, they will always be connected to someone in the United States of America.

Recreational Vehicles Covered by Union Auto Insurance

Union members have their personal automobiles to cover with insurance, and they can purchase policies for these vehicles with Union Auto Insurance. When they do this, they can also insure recreational vehicles for a 15 percent discount. The types recreational vehicles:

  1. Motorcycles
  2. Motor Homes
  3. Watercrafts
  4. All Terrain Vehicles
Read our Auto Insurance Guide and get other ideas to save on auto insurance!

save moneySave Money on Union Auto Insurance

At Union Auto Insurance, they are very understanding about the fact that some people have had difficulties with their driving in the past. They won’t shy away from insuring union members because they have a few negative marks on their driving records. This is one of the biggest reasons people have trouble finding auto insurance companies to insure them.

Union Auto Insurance will also try to help their clients improve their driving records, and they will pay them for doing so. If policyholders complete driver’s education classes, they will be entitled to receive payment for $250 from the company. Before choosing an auto insurance company, every driver should take a look at the available auto  insurance discounts.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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In the Event of an Accident

A common complaint against auto insurance companies is that the policyholders are required to have their vehicles repaired by the mechanics and auto body repair shops of the insurance companies’ choice. This is not the case with a Union Auto Insurance policy.

After an accident, union members may take their vehicles to their favorite mechanics or auto body repair shops, and they will enjoy the auto insurance coverage they paid for.

Union Insurance Specific Needs

Members of the union have found an insurance company that shares their values in Union Auto Insurance. The AFL-CIO created this company to address the needs of union working families, and it has been in business since 1986.

As a non-profit organization, Union Auto Insurance has several projects aimed at making life easier for union members and their families. One of the ways that they do this is by distributing $150,000 to more than 100 children of union members for their higher education costs.

Union Specific Beliefs

Being environmentally-conscious is a growing trend for people in several industries, and labor unions are part of this trend. Union Auto Insurance has partnered with groups such as the Blue Green Alliance to help promote an environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

Union Auto Insurance also practices its own green policies, and they have incorporated these policies with their belief that jobs should remain in the United States. All printers that work with Union Auto Insurance follow green guidelines, and everything they print must be printed in the USA.

beating the competitionUnion Auto Insurance and Union Members Make a Good Match

Union Auto Insurance has been tailored to fit the needs of union members, and they will, most likely, be able to find a policy that gives them very good rates. But, this does not mean that union members don’t need to compare quotes from other auto insurance agencies.

Auto insurance agencies offer a wide range of auto insurance quotes because they know that they have competition. If one company has a monopoly on clients, this company can begin to take its customers for granted. With the ZIP code comparison feature, this isn’t the case even for union members.

Union members have the ability to obtain several auto insurance quotes from auto insurance companies along with Union Auto Insurance. This way, they can be assured that they are forcing Union Auto Insurance to fight for its business, and they know which company truly offers the best rates. To find the best rates, read our Auto Insurance Reviews and compare the different auto insurance companies!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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