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National Union Auto Insurance Review

National Union is a common name for businesses, so it may be difficult for individuals seeking National Union auto insurance to find the exact company that will provide them with what they need. If you want National Union insurance, look for the National Union Fire Insurance Company in Pittsburgh, PA. The company itself is somewhat mysterious and keeps a low profile on the Internet, but dedicated study will show that this insurance company is actually just a subsidiary of Chartis, a business vehicle of the American International Group, or AIG, formed in 2009.

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The insurance giant reorganized following its near-collapse in 2008, and the Chartis subsidiary group was part of that reorganization. Plans are in the works so that Chartis may eventually become its own company, and for all intents and purposes it operates as an independent business with several insurance company holdings, including but not limited to the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA.

With over 70 million clients in the US and internationally, Chartis’ company holdings sell a wide variety of personal and commercial insurance services and products. When you do business with National Union, you are doing business with Chartis and, by extension, with AIG.

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National Union offers many different insurance coverage products for businesses and individual buyers. The two markets are generally kept separate by Chartis companies, however. Personal products include:

  • Accident and Health Insurance
  • Auto and Vehicle Insurance
  • Home, Rent and Property Insurance
  • Private Client Group Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

For business clients, National Union offers the following commercial insurance products:

  • Alternative Risk and Finance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Accident and Health Insurance
  • Casualty Insurance
  • Environmental Risk Insurance
  • Energy-related Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Workers Comp


Generally speaking, you cannot buy auto insurance directly from National Union. Chartis companies do not follow that model. You will have to find an independent auto insurance agent who will do the necessary research and connect you with National Union or other insurance providers. To find an agent who deals in National Union insurance, call Chartis and ask for assistance. auto insurance agent national union

Locations and Contact Info

National Union Insurance Locations

National Union insurance products are sold across the country, but there are few actual offices that individuals can mail letters to or walk inside. The Chartis corporate office out of which National Union insurance is sold is located at:

175 Water Street, Floor 18
New York, NY 10038

The company’s website is, and you can get in touch by phone at 212-770-7000. An alternate number is 888-760-9195.


National Union is known worldwide for the quality of its claims department. With the full force of AIG behind it, National Union has access to 320 claims offices around the world and 9,000 dedicated employees. In any given year, the company may process upwards of 4 million claims.

To file a claim, you may either call National Union directly at a number listed above for 24/7 phone service, or you may contact your independent agent who will then contact National Union. The second may take longer, but you get the benefit of an insurance agent who may be more able to answer your questions and take time to make sure that you know what you need to do. Unlike many auto insurance companies today, National Union does not offer the option for online claim filing, and there are no online forms that you can print out.

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Reviews and Ratings

Generally speaking, reviews for National Union are positive, though you may find “scam” claims rampant on the Internet. These are generally from people who are angry about price increases, which is a justifiable concern. However, when it comes to customer service and quick claims processing, National Union has received positive reviews from many reviews boards including the Better Business Bureau. auto insurance rating

The company’s A.M Best rating is a straight A, indicating that it is in no danger of financial hardship or collapse. Since AIG’s reorganization, its constituent companies tend to be very conservatively run, with excellent financials and strong security nets.


Anyone seeking a career with National Union needs to go through Chartis. At Chartis, insurance professionals will likely work with other insurance companies as well. The insurance job market is currently growing, and there are over 500 jobs available with Chartis in the United States and abroad. Company positions are standard office jobs such as Marketing Specialist and QA Analyst, though there are no agent positions available, as Chartis works through independent agents.

The benefits of working with Chartis are generally considered to be excellent. However, the company is very streamlined, and management keeps employees working non-stop. Furthermore, there is little room for movement within the company.

Chartis career benefits include:

  • Paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Pension
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Office gym access

Contact Chartis directly or through the website if you are interested in starting a career with the company.


To get a quote for a National Union insurance policy, you need to call an independent agent on the phone. You can also use our free insurance quote comparison tool to get a sense for how National Union stacks up against other insurance providers in the area.

Comparing many different insurance providers helps you get the best deal on auto insurance. Whether you want to use the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA, whether you want to stick with Chartis or any other AIG formation, or whether you want to use a different insurance company entirely, make the smart move and compare insurance quotes today!

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