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National Casualty Auto Insurance Review

National Casualty Auto Insurance is one of several companies operating under the supervision of Scottsdale Insurance. Their association with Nationwide Insurance gives them the financial strength needed to provide quality insurance to the general public. Compare auto insurance companies for FREE with our ZIP code search!

Since most of their business focuses on the excess and surplus (E&S) market, they can provide potential customers with options that may not be available through the average insurer. Having access to the E&S market gives them the ability to insure high-risk drivers and individuals who have trouble finding insurance because of past legal issues. State auto insurance laws can very so make sure you have the proper auto insurance.

Compare auto insurance reviewsInformation on National Casualty Auto Insurance

E&S regulations prevents National Casualty Auto Insurance from offering their products directly to the public. Consumers looking to obtain auto insurance coverage from this company can do so by contacting their network of agents, brokers, and partners. Opening a policy over the internet is not permissible through this company. Interested individuals must sit down with a local insurance specialist in order to review their options.

General auto and commercial transportation coverage is available through National Casualty Auto Insurance. Admitted and non-admitted insurance is obtainable for customers seeking commercial transportation products. Basic coverage types for automobiles include (without limitation):

  • Automobile Liability
  • Automobile Physical Damage
  • Cargo Vehicles
  • Excess Auto
  • Garage Keepers Liability
  • Trucker’s General Liability

Insurance for non-standard vehicle classifications is available as well. National Casualty Insurance caters to commercial businesses looking to insure uncommon vehicle types. They also cater to businesses owners who may need temporary or group insurance for special circumstances. The insurance provided for special classes and circumstances will cover:

  • Concrete Truck MixerAmbulances
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Car Facility Hazards
  • Cement Trucks
  • Construction Workers
  • Dirt and Gravel Haulers
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Truckers For Hire
  • Used Car Dealerships

They also have commercial property insurance to protect the facility that houses the vehicles. The coverage is extensive and includes just about every type of protection in every business category. The combination of commercial transportation and commercial property insurance will give every business owner the maximum amount of protection they need so they can operate in medium-risk and high-risk conditions. Use our ZIP code search to find the best auto insurance!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Types of National Casualty Auto Insurance

Businesses and individuals looking to reinforce their coverage even further can purchase excess and umbrella coverage. This product offers additional protection for existing policies that surpass their insurance limits. The two coverage types available under this policy are:

  • Commercial Umbrella Liability – Provides additional coverage for Auto Liability, Garage Liability, Water Liability, Aircraft Liability, and more.
  • Excess Liability – Includes Monoline Excess Auto, General Liability, Professional Insurance Lines, and more.

For individuals in the public sector, National Casualty Auto Insurance Company provides Public Entity insurance for tax-supported associations and individuals. This includes public officials, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and other government entities. Vehicle coverage is available for all municipal automobiles and auto-related equipment. Only designated program managers and insurance specialists can write Public Entity policies.

If an accident or a loss should occur, National Casualty Auto Insurance makes it simple to report a claim. Agents are available 24 hours daily, 7 days per week to take calls related to claims. Individuals can also file claims online as long as they provide accurate information. When filing a claim, customers must provide:

  • Their policy number
  • Location, date, and time of the collision or loss
  • Specific details about the accident or situation
  • Name and contact information of every person involved
  • Name of law enforcement agents and incident numbers (if applicable)

Car Insurance ContactAgents may need additional information in order to expedite the process. National Casualty encourages every person involved in an accident to review their policy for the terms and conditions. The policy will explain in detail what every accident or loss victim must furnish. It also explains what each policyholder can expect from the insurance company once they file a claim.  There are many auto insurance discounts out there. Every driver should compare auto insurance rates to find the best deal!

Contact National Casualty Auto Insurance

To contact National Casualty Auto Insurance by telephone, simply call the Scottsdale Insurance Company toll free at 800-423-7675. Their main telephone number is 480-365-4000. Their office address is 8877 N. Gainey Center Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

An online agency locator is available for insurance professionals looking for local agents, brokers, and program managers. It is not for companies or individuals who wish to purchase insurance policies. Individuals looking to obtain personal or commercial insurance can only do so by calling the office number and connecting with a National Casualty Auto Insurance agent in their area. People should also read our various auto insurance reviews to find the best company! Compare auto insurance quotes with our FREE comparison tool!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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