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Maryland Casualty Auto Insurance Review

If you live in the Maryland area, you should consider including the Maryland Casualty Company in your auto insurance comparison. Sometimes, smaller companies like this have better rates and deals than the major corporations.┬áMaryland Casualty auto insurance is actually provided by Zurich International, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Many small insurance companies are like that – they have to be, in order to compete with major American insurance corporations like Allstate, Geico, Progressive and others. Compare auto insurance companies with our ZIP code search!

Established in 1898 near Baltimore, the Maryland Casualty Company was established to provide property, fire, casualty and other related insurance products. They now offer auto insurance as well. Maryland Casualty doesn’t maintain a website, so you need to look at Zurich International’s site to find relevant information. Incidentally, Zurich has operations in dozens of countries and owns five major insurance companies in North America as well as all their subsidiaries. Read our Auto Insurance Guide and get information on ways to compare companies!

Maryland Casualty covers vehicles like boats and RVs as well as cars and trucks, and they also offer real estate, health and other related insurance products. They may or may not provide individual auto insurance policies. You may have to contact Zurich International for that information.

Maryland Casualty Auto Agents and Locations

Maryland State FlagMaryland Casualty may or may not maintain any additional offices. Many companies are named Maryland Casualty Insurance, but it is unknown whether they are separate subsidiaries of Zurich International, part of the Baltimore-area company’s operations, or completely different companies altogether. They may be different agencies with the exact same name, or they may be additional Maryland Casualty Company offices. Either way, compare auto insurance rates by state with our ZIP code search!

Maryland Casualty uses local agents in the Baltimore area to sell policies to individuals and/or businesses. Many subsidiary companies of Zurich International operate this way, with a central office employing a team of agents and brokers to convince individuals and business owners to sign up with them.

To contact a Maryland Casualty auto insurance agent, simply contact their headquarters. It is located at:

600 Red Brook Blvd.
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: 410-366-1000

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Insurance Ratings and Reviews

There are very few individual auto insurance reviews available for the Maryland Casualty Company. This may be because they don’t sell individual insurance policies, they may simply be too small, or they may not have published media in the right places. Independent review sites may not have information listed on the Maryland Casualty Company because either it or its parent company, Zurich International, has failed to respond to questions for information. However, in lieu of reviews, we can use the Maryland Casualty Company’s Better Business Bureau and A.M. Best ratings to determine the quality of its insurance products.

BBB Rating

Maryland Casualty is not part of the Better Business Bureau. However, that agency has rated them with a B+ anyway, with mixed pros and cons about their service. The company has been in operation for over 100 years, and it has supplied much of its information to the BBB. Its financials are sound, and it is on track to serve customers for many more years. However, on the negatives side, Maryland Casualty has generated over 20 complaints in the past three years. Many of these complaints were rectified, but six were not.

Unsatisfied customers is a serious concern for insurance companies. The complaints leveled against the Maryland Casualty Company mostly centered on the fact that the company did not live up to its contract obligations.

Better Business BureauA.M. Best Rating

The A.M. Best corporation ranks companies on their financial stability. Maryland Casualty’s A.M. Best rating is very high, indicating that both presently and into the future, the company is safely leveraged, has sufficient cash on hand, and is in no danger of bankruptcy. It is growing steadily and remains strong despite the difficult economy. This may be because of Maryland Casualty’s parent company, Zurich International. The backing of Zurich International gives the company a high level of financial stability.

Customer ServiceCustomer Service Record

Many dissatisfied customers and wronged businesses have filed lawsuits against Maryland Casualty over the past several years. The most recent lawsuit involved a dispute with another Zurich subsidiary. This subsidiary company accused Maryland Casualty of soliciting one of its customers who was already under contract. The company has been involved with many lawsuits like this involving contract disputes. Every person looking to buy Maryland Casualty Auto Insurance should be aware of their state auto insurance laws!

Thankfully, most of these contract-based lawsuits happened far in the past, in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. However, this most recent litigation happened in the first quarter of 2011. While insurance companies often field a significant amount of litigation, it is unusual that the Maryland Casualty Company, as a relatively small insurance provider, would have so many lawsuits.

Insurance buyers should always think twice before purchasing auto insurance. Maryland Casualty has some pros and some cons. If you live in the Baltimore area, consider looking at the Maryland Casualty Company for your auto insurance. You can use our comparison tool to determine who offers the best auto insurance quote for you.

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