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Bankers Auto Insurance Review

Don’t be confused when shopping for Bankers Insurance. There are actually two Bankers Insurance companies. One, founded in 1999 holds an A+ rating with AM Best while the other is a thinly veiled telemarketing scam. Read this auto insurance review and other company auto reviews to find the best company.

To be clear, look for Bankers Auto Insurance, not Bankers Liability and Casualty. The auto insurer is the real deal, a legitimate company with real holdings and real insurance products. The liability and casualty insurer is barely even a real auto insurance company and barely even legal.

Bankers auto insuranceLocations

Bankers insurance is rooted in Northern VA where you will find their Fairfax location. This is the core of the company, more or less, and they offer everything from car insurance to homeowner’s insurance through this location.

The company does have a number of locations, but by keeping that number relatively small, they are able to sell directly to the public without a whole lot of in-betweeners and middlemen.

Business Model

Bankers Auto Insurance actually offer plans through a number of other auto insurance carriers. Bankers Auto serve as both an insurer and as an underwriting agency, so you can find all sorts of non-standard policies to add to your total insurance package, such as policies through Safeco and Progressive or Auto Glass Only, among other providers.

This results in some of the most complete and flexible types of auto insurance coverage available. Not to mention they offer a wide range of policies covering RVs, boats, yachts and other recreational vehicles and watercraft.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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auto insurance search onlineCommercial Insurance

One of the biggest benefits for customers who are using Bankers Insurance is their business insurance. Covering fleets of trucks and work vehicles down to individual business cars, Bankers Insurance are able to meet the needs of nearly any and every customer whether commercial or personal.

Customer Service and Accessibility

One of the great innovations that Bankers Auto Insurance offer is their MyWave client portal. This page is a free service that allows customers to customize their experience with the company and manage details regarding their account when their agents are not available.

Discounts and Savings

Another big boon for Bankers Insurance customers is the inclusion of different types of auto insurance discounts available. This may not sound like much but when you consider the combination of umbrella coverage plus the fact that Bankers Insurance offer policies on just about everything, and at reasonable prices to begin with, it’s clear that these discounts add up.

Club members affiliated with AARP, umbrella policy holders and safe drivers all receive discounts meaning that their rates are actually quite competitive when you add them all up.

Furthermore, they give discounts to longtime customers, so if you hold a policy with them for two or three years, you may wind up paying far less than the number initially quoted. This means that you should look at Bankers Auto Insurance policies as an investment.

customer serviceCustomer Satisfaction

At the end of the day what really counts is customer satisfaction. No matter the prices and policies, if customers aren’t happy than customers aren’t happy. Luckily, the customers who buy their insurance policies from Bankers Auto Insurance do tend to report generally positive to highly positive experiences with the company.

This is owed to the care that the company actually put into making every customer happy. It is understood at Bankers Insurance that a few bad reviews can destroy a company’s reputation, and when comparing auto insurance quotes prices with other insurers, it’s important to realize just how well Bankers Insurance are reputed to treat their clients.

It’s no wonder they have an A+ rating with AM Best and a clean record with the Better Business Bureau. With reasonable prices, a ton of discounts and a wide range of insurance products for users to choose from, Bankers Auto Insurance are sometimes considered the golden standard by which many users judge other insurers. Check out our Auto Insurance Guide for more information on auto insurance!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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