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AARP Auto Insurance Review

AARP has made it a priority to offer people over 50 an auto insurance policy that is even better for them than other policies. With so many different auto insurance companies in business, it can be difficult for people who need auto insurance to find the best coverage at the best rates. Those who are looking for auto insurance can find out whether or not this is true for them by comparing auto insurance companies and coverage. Use our FREE ZIP code search and begin comparing TODAY!

AARP Car Insurance ReviewThe comparison feature gives everyone the opportunity to find out what AARP auto insurance would charge them as well as what other auto insurance companies have to offer. Even though AARP is an organization that seeks the best deals for people over 50, comparing the types of auto insurance coverage is a wise plan.

If people aren’t comparing auto insurance coverage from AARP auto insurance and many others, they will never know if AARP is giving them the best coverage at the best auto insurance rates or if another company can give them an even better deal. Members of AARP will be introduced to this information very quickly just by entering their ZIP code to receive their quotes.

The Advantages of AARP Auto Insurance

AARP auto insurance works hard to give people a break on their auto insurance rates. When a lot of companies will raise their clients’ rates after they have one at-fault accident, AARP has the accident forgiveness plan. Their clients who have their first accident won’t see their rates raised if they have been accident-free for the past five years.

Market Value or Full Value

After a vehicle has been determined to be a total loss, auto insurance companies pay the client the amount of money the vehicle was worth at the time it was damaged. If a new vehicle has less than 15,000 miles and/or it has been in the owner’s possession for 15 months, AARP will replace it for the same make and model without taking anything off for depreciation.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Deductibles that Vanish

Collision coverage carries a deductible, but people with AARP auto insurance can end up with a deductible equal to $0. All they have to do is keep their driving records spotless for the first year, and they will see a $150 reduction in their collision coverage deductibles. The deductible will continue to be slashed by $50 each year after that. Compare our free auto insurance reviews and find the best company for your money!

Auto Insurance Rate IncreaseNo Rate Increases for the Year

Auto insurance companies set their clients’ rates and then write policies that last six months. In six months, they will need to revisit what they have charged their clients to determine if they need to raise these clients’ rates. But, an auto insurance policy with AARP means that the policyholders’ rates will be set and remain in place for the entire year.


As with other insurance companies, policyholders have the option of purchasing insurance coverage for their own medical bills, but AARP auto insurance takes this coverage even further. With RecoverCare, policyholders who have been seriously injured have coverage for household chores such as:

  1. The gardening
  2. Housecleaning
  3. Cooking of the meals
  4. Grocery shopping
  5. Transportation to doctor’s appointments

Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars present people with challenges because not every auto insurance company sells classic car insurance. AARP auto insurance is one company where people with classic cars can find the insurance they need.

Some of the features associated with the AARP auto insurance policy that can’t be obtained from other companies is:

  1. A full year of coverage without a rate increase
  2. The possibility of renewable insurance coverage throughout the policyholder’s entire life,
  3. The ability to file a claim at any time of the day

Auto Insurance ChoicesSumarizing AARP Auto Insurance

AARP auto insurance gives members of AARP several great features that they can’t receive from every other auto insurance company. Their rates aren’t necessarily automatically raised after an at-fault accident, their deductibles may disappear, their rates remain the same for the entire year and they can purchase coverage to pay for every day duties such as lawn care if they are injured in a car collision. They can also purchase the rare classic car insurance policy. Finally, there are many auto insurance discounts for AARP!

Comparison Shopping AARP and Several Other Choices

Even though AARP auto insurance appears to offer full service policies that have more than AARP members can receive from other companies, this must not keep them from finding out what other companies will charge them for the same insurance coverage.

They can easily perform an auto insurance comparison with many quotes they receive from the ZIP code comparison feature. It only takes a couple of minutes, and they will know that they have been thorough in their search for auto insurance. Don’t wait to compare! Enter your ZIP code today and find cheap auto insurance INSTANTLY!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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