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Unigard Auto Insurance Review

Unlike many newer automobile insurance companies, Unigard is no stranger to the American automobile liability coverage industry. The outfit that would one day comprise present-day Unigard Insurance was founded in Oregon in 1895. A series of acquisitions led the company to offer fire insurance, home insurance, and automobile insurance to its customers throughout the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain states, and the western and southwestern states. Find automobile insurance coverage with our ZIP code search! Our auto insurance review will prepare you for making the right decision!

QBE Auto InsuranceThe company was itself acquired by Wintherthur Insurance, a Swedish company, in 1993. Following that acquisition, the Swedish holding company was acquired by Australia’s QBE Insurance Company in 2007. By 2011, the company had been made a subsidiary of the QBE liability coverage group and is part of QBE Americas, the North American extension of Australia’s international insurance arm.

These acquisitions have not changed the company’s focus on its Pacific Northwestern roots, however, and Unigard is still one of the biggest issuance players in states like Oregon and Washington, as well as California and neighboring Idaho in the Rocky Mountain region of the country. Its automobile insurance coverage policies are exceedingly affordable, through a combination of good driving auto insurance discounts, bundling and multi-driver perks, and special features and enhancements that it offers on its polices for a low additional fee each month.

Unigard Insurance Company and the Commitment to Budget-Friendly Insurance Policies

Save money on auto insuranceDespite being owned by an Australian insurance and investment company, Unigard is intimately familiar with the ways that larger American insurance companies help drivers save money on their monthly policies. It is competitive in all of these areas, and offers several deep discounts on its policies.

Perhaps the most notable its its bundling policy, which saves drivers between 10 and 15 percent on their auto insurance policy simply by having home owner’s insurance, flood insurance, renter’s insurance, or another liability product offered by the company in combination with their insurance policy.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Unigard also gives customers a respectable 10 percent discount for having multiple drivers on the same policy. This is perfect for husband-wife households, or families who have one or more teenager drivers sharing a vehicle and driving back and forth to school or work. If nothing else, it helps offset the additional cost of having multiple drivers on the same insurance policy.

Other discounts offered by the company include an auto theft discount which rewards those customers who have installed an anti-theft device in their vehicle; student discounts for drivers who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program; and safe driving discounts that reduce the cost of a policy as a driver goes longer and longer without an accident or moving violation.

A Series of Enhancements of Standard Auto Insurance Coverage

Unigard isn’t only interested in offering its customers savings on its insurance coverage. Like many of its competitors, Unigard has several enhancements that can be added onto any standard insurance policy for added peace of mind on the road.

These enhancements include rental reimbursement coverage, which does exactly what its name implies: if a customer gets into an accident and requires a rental car while their primary vehicle is replaced or repaired, the company will refund the full cost of that rental. This can be a significant savings in the case of major accidents.

auto insurance

Those customers without a AAA membership will find the towing coverage add-on to be the right measure of precaution, as the insurance company will send a tow truck free of charge (aside from the small monthly fee) to a customer’s location and tow their vehicle to the nearest mechanic.

And finally, Unigard has coverage for special parts as well as special vehicles. That means after-market additions like designer rims, a unique paint job, or vehicles like motorcycles and antique cars can all be covered under the same auto insurance policy.

Compare Unigard to the Big Guys

These things all sound great in print, but what it really comes down to is the final price per month for Unigard’s services. The company, like just about every other insurance provider on the market, promises the lowest auto insurance rates and the best services. The only way to verify those claims (or, in fact, disprove them) is to pursue an online auto insurance comparison quote between Unigard and all of its nearest competitors in your state.

An online auto insurance quote will submit all of your driving and vehicle information to every company which serves your state and has a compatible online system. You’ll then be able to compare and contrast insurance policy rates and the deductibles that each company offers. It will be relatively apparent which company has the best level of service for the best price, and you’ll be able to make the best choice for your unique driving and financial situation. Enter your ZIP code below and find cheap auto insurance for all of your needs!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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