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First National Auto Insurance Review

In 1990, a Georgia auto insurance company by the name of First National Auto Insurance was founded to offer auto insurance products for those who are considered to be a higher risk. These people often have difficulties becoming insured because of their high-risk status. High risks also may find that they are always being charged the highest rates. One of First National Auto Insurance Company’s most important acts is to offer a place for high risk people to find their auto insurance for an affordable price.first national auto insurance review

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First National Auto Insurance’s Personal Auto Insurance Coverage

First National Auto Insurance agents counsel their clients about the types of auto insurance coverage they have available to them, and they also work to make the coverage as affordable as possible. The types of auto insurance people can purchase from First National Auto Insurance are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability coverage that can be purchased in higher than the limits required by the state of Georgia
  • Property Damage Liability insurance that covers the policy holder and anyone given permission to drive the vehicle
  • Medical Payments for medical bills, loss of wages or funeral costs for the policy holder and passengers
  • Collision coverage that insures a vehicle against damage in a collision or even in an encounter with a pothole
  • Comprehensive coverage that insures a vehicle that was not damaged in a collision but by vandalism, for example

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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First National Auto Insurance’s Commercial Auto Insurance

first national auto insurance review

First National Auto Insurance also sells auto insurance policies to businesses that use automobiles to help them earn their profits. This auto insurance company is capable of covering a business that has a fleet of automobiles. Businesses that have just one vehicle to insure will be able to purchase their coverage from First National Auto Insurance as well.

First National Auto Insurance’s Knowledgeable Agents

The agents at First National Auto Insurance are fully aware of all of the laws that people need to follow when they use their vehicles in their businesses. They are trained to inform potential customers when it would be more advantageous for them to purchase a personal policy or if the commercial policy would right for them. Potential clients only need to call the toll-free number for a consultation.

First National Auto Insurance’s Classic Car Insurance

First National Auto Insurance has insurance policies for antique and classic cars. First National Auto Insurance is aware that classic cars insured through personal auto insurance policies are charged much more than they need to be because these cars are not driven on a daily basis.

They should be charged less for insurance, not more.

Another reason that classic cars are not served well under personal auto insurance policies is because standard auto insurance takes depreciation into consideration. Cars that are driven on a daily basis are subject to depreciation, but classic cars appreciate.

savings on first national auto insurance

Savings on Classic Car Insurance from First National

First National Auto Insurance has auto insurance policies for classic and antique cars that it states will lower a classic car owner’s auto insurance premiums by as much as 75 percent. First National Auto Insurance can insure classic and antique vehicles whether people are only driving them once in a while to an occasional car show, or they like to drive them on a much more frequent basis.

First National Auto Insurance’s Clients’ Testimonials

First National Auto Insurance is highly popular amongst its clients, and the proof is on their website where people can read several positive testimonials. They can also receive a quote for their auto insurance needs. The company has several auto insurance options and people may want to give this company the opportunity to make them a great offer.

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