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Safety National Auto Insurance Review

Safety National auto insurance is part of the Safety National Casualty Corporation and does not actually offer personal auto insurance coverage. Any family seeking auto insurance coverage should look for another company as this business does not work with individuals. Instead, the company provides coverage for business needs. If you’re seeking personal auto insurance coverage, make sure you check out our auto insurance comparison. All you need to start is your ZIP code!

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The Target Customers

Safety National is not a personal auto insurance company.

The target customers for this company are businesses. Commercial vehicle auto insurance and business self-insurance are the primary customers for the business. The self-insured businesses are the preferred customer of the company due to the lower risk of losses when compared to other types of companies.

As a result, the company works on a much larger scale than most auto insurance businesses. The customers are large corporations rather than individuals, resulting in a higher stability rate due to the professional requirements the business sets for their clients.

Historical Facts About the Company

Safety National was originally founded in 1942 under the parent company Delphi Holdings. The actual name of the full company was Safety National Casualty Corporation, though it is now sometimes called Safety National auto insurance due to the focus on business vehicle insurance needs.

The company was founded in St. Louis, Missouri and maintains the headquarters in St. Louis.

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The Business Coverage Options

Safety National does not focus solely on auto insurance coverage needs. Instead, it works around the needs of businesses and thus offers more than just commercial auto insurance coverage.

The main coverage options include commercial vehicle auto liability, business liability, workers compensation insurance and similar business needs. One of the key points of the coverage is the flexibility and customization of the policy.

Safety National Casualty Corporation allows businesses to pick and choose different coverage options based on the individual needs of the company. For example, a business that has numerous commercial vehicles might focus on liability auto coverage and general liability insurance rather than loss transfer coverage.

In most cases, the company needing insurance is able to customize the coverage options based on the business rather than using only general options. The general plans offer a springboard to get started in selecting the appropriate coverage. Small businesses might opt to maintain only the general liability if they do not need further coverage.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Self-Insured Risks

Since the primary customers of Safety National are self-insured businesses, companies should understand the risks associated with the company before determining if it is right for the business needs.

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Self-insured businesses often pool resources together to pay for the costs of different claims the company might face when it comes to workers compensation and liability. This results in the business paying for the full amount. By adding Safety National, the business is able to cut back on the risks associated with workers compensation claims by receiving a moderate amount of coverage.

Safety National provides this coverage by making sound investment decisions and setting a cap on the amount businesses are able to take out in insurance claims. This helps balance the low cost of coverage while limiting the risks associated with the company.

Depending on the coverage and the programs selected, businesses are offered up to one million per claim and two million for aggregate liability. Auto liability for commercial vehicles is usually set to one million dollars as well. These limitations help minimize the amount


Safety National pays while helping lower the cost to the self-insured company as well.

Safety National auto insurance coverage is an appropriate choice for self-insured businesses of all sizes, companies that own commercial vehicles or similar businesses that need further liability coverage. The flexibility combined with high stability makes Safety National a good option for anyone seeking business insurance coverage options, but it is not appropriate for personal auto insurance needs.

Personal auto insurance customers should use a comparison tool to find the auto insurance that best meets their needs.

Using a comparison tool will enable you to find the best insurance for you.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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