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ZC Specialty Insurance Company Auto Insurance Review

ZC Specialty Insurance Company, or Zurich, are not a private passenger vehicle insurance company. We’re just making this clear so that if you’re looking for basic auto insurance, you can go ahead and skip this review and go right to our FREE search engine to type in your ZIP code and find some great quotes.

Zurich Auto Insurance

So who are ZC Specialty? The company specializes in liability, but they also offer a wide range of products in commercial auto insurance. If you’re looking to supply a whole fleet of work vans with insurance, if you need to get your truck covered, or if you’re looking to insure a business vehicle, you may find that Zurich has a policy for you.

About the Company

Zurich have been around for awhile and have established themselves as a global insurance provider, offering policies to users in over 50 different countries. The company are offering a wide range of products and services to their customers all around the world.

For instance, in Japan, the company offers 24 hour roadside assistance. In Brazil, you can find their drive-in repair center. These services have helped to keep Zurich on top as one of the leading providers of liability and commercial auto insurance around the world.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Differences Around the World

The funny thing about Zurich is that it’s actually very difficult to provide a comprehensive profile of the company.

The fact is that with locations in so many different and varied places, the services, products, policies, and prices offered from one location to the next differ drastically.

In some countries outside of North America, they even offer personal private auto insurance through their underwriters, even though they are generally considered a commercial and liability insurance company. They do maintain a strong reputation for customer service and dependability, though, and are consistently straightforward

ZC Specialty Auto Insurance Reviewand transparent when it comes to filing claims with the company.

User Ratings and Reviews

The user reviews on the web regarding Zurich Insurance are rare, but they are out there. The general feedback tends to be mild to positive with very few users reporting complete dissatisfaction with the service. As far as commercial insurance and liability companies go, Zurich is offering a wide range of products at reasonable prices, and most importantly, providing users with 24 hour customer service and easy, convenient claim filing options. The company’s reputation is positive enough that it seems fair to chalk those few negative reviews up to flukes.

Getting Quotes With Zurich Insurance

ZC Specialty Insurance might or might not turn up on your search results when you type in your ZIP code and look for auto insurance quotes. If they do, you have all of the information that you need here to make an informed decision. A reliable company with a fairly positive reputation, it’s only too bad that they don’t offer private passenger vehicle insurance.

If you are looking for commercial auto insurance or liability, on the other hand, you may well find that ZC has just the policy you’re looking for after making a few quick comparisons with our free search engine to find the cheapest auto insurance.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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