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Rampart Insurance Company Auto Insurance Review

Rampart Insurance Company auto insurance comes from the Rampart Group Insurance Associates. The Rampart Group has insurance products for personal as well as commercial use. Personal auto insurance from Rampart Insurance Company has the option of adding an umbrella policy to the basic liability coverage. The commercial auto insurance products also give clients the same option.rampart insurance company

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The Rampart Insurance Company’s Beginnings

Rampart Insurance Company was founded in 1965, and they have spent all of this time cultivating the relationships with their many partners. With the help of all of their affiliates, they offer their auto insurance products to personal and commercial clients all over the country, and they continue to grow.

Located in Lake Success, New York, the Rampart Insurance Company does not have an A.M. Best credit rating that informs potential clients of its financial solvency, but not every insurance company has this rating.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is not worthy of a rating, but that it may not qualify to be rated by A.M. Best.

Affiliates of the Rampart Insurance Company

Representatives at the Rampart Insurance Company sell their auto insurance products through several affiliates. Some of these auto insurance companies are:

  • Chubb Insurancerampart insurance company auto insurance review
  • The Fireman’s Fund
  • Encompass
  • Hanover Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • MetLife Insurance
  • Progressive

Rampart Insurance Company’s representatives sell their auto insurance through the companies listed above as well as others. They receive payment in commission through the premiums that clients pay.

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Rampart Insurance Company’s Business Practices

Anyone interested in the personal auto insurance products that Rampart Insurance Company sells may visit the website for more information. The Rampart Insurance Company prides itself on its ability to tailor specialized auto insurance products to each individual client.

As they are determining exactly the type of coverage and how much coverage a client may need, they are working to keep the price of the product at its lowest amount. The Rampart Insurance Company also has several discounts that will bring the price of the auto insurance down for their personal customers.

Commercial Auto Insurance from Rampart Insurance Company

The Rampart Insurance Company refers to itself as an expert in the commercial auto insurance industry. As such, it is always informed about all of the new things that are happening in the commercial auto insurance industry so that it can offer its commercial clients the most relevant products.

The Rampart Insurance Company is prepared to meet the commercial auto insurance needs of several types of businesses. The company has products for companies of all sizes. The Group can service the needs of several types of businesses, including:

  • Law firms
  • Professionals
  • Manufacturers
  • Aviation
  • Cemeteries
  • The high-tech industry

The Claims Department

The Rampart Insurance Company employs people to handle its claims who have had at least 20 years of experience in the industry.

The company advertises these employees as advocates who will give their full attention to a claim that has been filed from beginning until the end.

During the claims filing process with the Rampart Insurance Company, the representatives will always be available to answer questions their clients have. They are also ready to help their clients with actions, such as providing a rental vehicle while their own automobiles are being repaired.

rampart auto insurance

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Obtaining a Quote from Rampart Insurance Company

People can receive a quote from Rampart Insurance Company if they call the telephone number located on the website. It’s not a toll-free number, and those who call the number will need to speak to a representative. After people have taken the time to do this, they will only have one auto insurance quote.

It can be very easy to obtain several auto insurance quotes in less time than people can receive their one quote from Rampart Insurance Company. This website has a auto insurance comparison feature that can give auto insurance quotes for Rampart Insurance Company and several others in minutes. All it takes is entering their ZIP code into the field.

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