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The Pros and Cons of Auto Insurance Providers

the pros and cons of your automobile insurance providersThe pros and cons of auto insurance providers are many. You should think them over very carefully when you are in search of a new policy, regardless of whether you are switching or shopping for the first time.

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As you begin your journey into the pursuit of auto insurance providers, you must weigh the pros and cons before you make your final selection. If you rush into your choice or follow the advice of someone else, you may make a huge and costly mistake. You need to do your own research to find the right provider.

Car insurance providers are in a way, just like blue jeans. There are plenty out there, but they never fit everyone the same way. Remember this when you check out their features and benefits. You have to find the coverage and policy type that fits your lifestyle and special needs.

You should be able to reach them when you need them, but they cannot be so difficult to understand or comprehend during the most simplest of times or situations.

Since the auto insurance industry is so competitive, you can come out ahead if you are smart and take your time to comparison-shop. However, this can sometimes seem like a catch-22. Because of the competition, you might become inundated by the sheer number of advertisements. Lately, they seem to pop up everywhere.

Turning on the television, radio or your computer without seeing or hearing at least one commercial is a real challenge. Subconsciously, you may find yourself looking for automobile insurance, even if you do not need to switch.

Regulated by the Government

the pros and cons of your auto insurance providersA major pro is that the government regulates auto insurance companies. They cannot develop new procedures without sending a proposal to their state legislature and receiving approval. Take the meeting with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2009, for example.

This was an open meeting to discuss how and why car insurance companies consider credit scores as a variable in rate calculations. Representatives from all industries, including the credit bureaus, car insurance agencies, and consumers were present.

The car insurance industry was seeking to outline the positive and negative benefits, of using credit scores as a means to assess risk. After all were given their chance to speak, they were given a decision. It was advised that the car insurance agents could utilize credit scores. However, they must be extremely careful with how they judge the contents of any consumer’s credit history.

In other words, no car insurance company has the ability to deny coverage to an applicant because of their credit score. They can only take the information and include it in their calculations. If one person’s credit score is lower than another’s they can place them in a high-risk group. This will result in a higher quote.

Alternatively, someone with an excellent credit score may receive a low-priced premium.

Without these types of checks and balances in position, the car insurance providers would have leeway to make all types of changes. They could also implement policies based on anything they feel is relevant. It is very important to monitor the car insurance industry carefully. Consumers search for coverage on a consistent basis and must feel protected, in every way.

Car Insurance Providers are Trained Specialists

Another good reason for auto insurance providers is their level of expertise. They know the industry better than anyone else does. Those that are reputable can find you coverage you can afford. You must have insurance for your vehicle if you want to complete the registration process and obey the laws in your state. You must also maintain this coverage.

the pros and cons of your auto insurance providerIt is unfortunate that the economy has taken such a dive. Today many consumers are faced with the challenge of keeping car insurance on their vehicles. However, if the Motor Vehicle Commission finds out about the lack of coverage, issues become much worse. Major penalties can occur, like the suspension of your driver’s license.

This is why it is important to adhere to the regulations and work with an auto insurance provider who can provide you with options. They may be able to lower your premiums so your finances are not strained and your budget remains intact.

The Advantage of Discounts

Every car insurance provider offers some kind of discounts and they can benefit you in a positive way. Discounts are like incentives for new customers to choose their service over their competition. They are also one of the ways they entice their current customers to keep them interested.

Discounts are a wonderful way to show versatility. The more a car insurance provider offers, the wider the range of customers they can appeal to. Many allow you to combine your discounts as a way to save even more money. For example, some car insurance providers offer a discount for paying your premium in full. Rather than selecting an installment plan, you may save five percent immediately.

the pros and cons of some auto insurance providersYou can combine this discount with something like a safe-driver discount or multi-car discount. Also, since many car insurance companies are becoming environmentally correct, you may even qualify for a hybrid discount along with all of the others. The ways to save with discounts is virtually endless.

The more ways you search out the providers, the better your options will be.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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The Drawbacks of Too Many Benefits

Sometimes a car insurance company can become too involved with their offers and discounts. They forget to treat their customers like individuals. They can start to see them as numbers or statistics. This is when they lose their edge. Most customers appreciate the 10 or 20% deduction in their policy premiums. However, many more would prefer to speak with a live person with empathy.

the pros and cons of my auto insurance providersThis is especially true when an accident occurs. Perhaps they are stranded in the middle of the night due to a mechanical failure. According to a leading marketing firm, called Marketing Wizdom, the main reason a customer stays with any particular company is because they feel valued and appreciated.

The auto insurance industry must remember the customer. They should understand that it is just as important that they remain in touch with them. This could mean implementing new training sessions for their representatives.

They may also consider eliminating the number of automated prompts that prohibit customers from reaching a real person quickly. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right balance. However, they must try or face losing them to their competitors.

Challenges Surrounding Cheap Car Insurance

the pros and cons of automobile insurance providersGreat deals of people are constantly looking for the best ways to find cheap car insurance. This has had a negative effect on the entire industry. Unfortunately, this leads to a reduction in value because they must compensate somehow for the low prices.

This could mean that your rates will be low, but you may not have the best level of customer service. Your level of coverage may be reduced. A good example is if you are looking for liability and collision coverage, but cannot pay more than a certain amount per year. An auto insurance provider can make you an offer within your budget, but your limitations could be lower.

If you are the victim of a major collision and have low limitation coverage, you may not be able to receive the proper medical assistance. The cost may come out of your own pocket. The same can be said if you injure someone while driving or cause major damage to someone’s property.

If you do not have enough protection and face a lawsuit, you may be in a world of trouble.

Vandalized or stolen vehicles are a major problem in the United States. In 2009, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that the car insurance industry spent more than $151 billion to process individual claims. You too may need this protection if you own a high profile vehicle or reside in an area where vehicle theft is rampant.

Understanding Your Rights as a Consumer

One of the most difficult issues surrounding automobile insurance is many consumers may not understand their rights. This is especially true for young drivers. It is also unfortunate because age is a major factor in rate calculations. However, many new and inexperienced drivers often listen to their parents and never really get the facts for themselves.

Even if you have been a car insurance customer for years, you still may not know everything you need. You may act out of habit, rather than knowledge. This error in judgment can cost you thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

the pros and cons of auto insurance providersIt is vital that you know what you are entitled to when you discuss car insurance with any agent. This is why every state has resources for their residents. In Massachusetts, the Consumer Bill of Rights explains how everyone has the right to car insurance. You cannot be denied for reasons deemed discriminatory.

You also have the right to know why you are denied, if applicable. If denied, the state of Massachusetts makes provisions for you to obtain car insurance. Using the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan (MAIP), your worries will be over.

Since this data is available for the public, there is no reason why any person who plans to drive a motor vehicle cannot find the time to read and understand his or her rights.

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