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Quanta Auto Insurance Review

Quanta is more or less just another public face for Catalina Holdings Ltd. Catalina acquired the company in 2008, so for about four years now, Quanta has belonged to the Bermuda-located auto insurance provider. For the intents and purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at Quanta’s customer service and Catalina’s insurance products.quanta auto insurance company

If you just want the short story version: If a Catalina-reinsured company pops up on your list when you type your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance quote finder, they do have a reputation for solid financial backing and dependability. For those wanting a slightly more in-depth look at the company, read on.

An Introduction to Catalina Holdings

Catalina are actually a company that specialize in acquisitions. They focus most of their purchasing efforts towards reinsurance companies and insurance companies outside of the life insurance category. Generally speaking, Catalina is looking for companies with anywhere from $50 to $500 million in earnings before attempting to make an acquisition, but they are also known for buying out and partnering with smaller companies on occasion.

In most cases of acquisition, Catalina will offer a choice between a partnership opportunity and outright being liquidated or acquired.

Most of the time, the company being sought will go for the acquisition as this is simpler and easier for all involved. These trades rarely take very long.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

catalina holdings auto insurance

Reviving Dead Companies

Catalina will typically hold onto a company after acquiring it and then investigate why and how the company came to have its shortcomings. If Catalina finds that there’s something that they can do to improve the company and give them a second wind, and if it’s within their means, they may take the time to fix the issues at hand. If not, companies might simply be liquidated and their clients and employees transferred elsewhere.

What all of this makes quite clear is that Catalina is a very strong organization with a good, solid financial foundation with which to reinsure other insurance providers. However, here’s the bottom line:

They Do Not Sell Car Insurance

Catalina covers insurance companies that sell auto insurance, but they do not, themselves, sell auto insurance. This means that if you are looking for personal auto coverage from your insurance provider, you will probably want to go ahead and use our free quote finder. It only takes a few seconds and it’s easy to use: Just type your ZIP code into the search bar and you’ll have plenty of companies to choose from in no time.

Remember that it’s very important to do a lot of comparing before you purchase auto insurance from any company.

You never know when you could be getting a better deal somewhere else, and even a company with the strength of reinsurance from a company like Catalina is going to have their pros and cons, pros and cons that you might not like in comparison with another company. Use the quote finder and do some shopping around. Don’t just settle for the first decent insurance company you can find. It’s the best way to save on auto insurance!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save