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North American Elite Auto Insurance Review

A New Hampshire based reinsurance company associated with the NAS Surety Group, North American Elite Insurance Company might not be of much use to you if you’re looking for basic auto insurance, but this review may provide some interesting reading for anybody who’s curious about reinsurance or the insurance industry in general.north american elite auto insurance

If you just want to find affordable auto insurance, go ahead and do a quick search with our free quote finder. All you need to do is type your ZIP code into the search bar and see what pops up in the results. You may even find that North American Elite covers one of the insurance companies you’re looking at with a reinsurance policy.

Who They Are

North American Insurance was first established back in 1987. The company actually operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss Reinsurance Limited, a global insurance corporation. They are one of 14 subsidiaries in the US belonging to the company. Swiss Reinsurance also run 7 subsidiaries in Europe and another one in Australia.

The corporation are also known as Swiss Re and they operate on three levels.

First, they offer reinsurance products for other companies through companies like North American Elite. On this level they focus on property, casualty, life, and health insurance, among others. The second level involves selling individual insurance to customers in the corporate world, and finally, they sell financial advice and other services to corporate investors.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Reinsurance is their largest area of business, selling primarily to life insurance companies. So, you might not find an agency in your area that sells policies backed by Swiss Re and North American Elite, but you never know. The company also specializes in the acquisition of defunct companies.

north american elite

Company Goals

North American Elite have actually put forth the goal of becoming the world’s largest reinsurance provider, and they’re well on the way. They do offer some auto insurance, but only on a fleet basis, and only to corporate customers.

This business strategy would seem to make sense in that the company is really only after big contracts.

Small, personal insurance sales wouldn’t do much to help North American Elite towards their company goals.

The company has a positive A rating with AM Best, which is a trend with all of Swiss Re’s companies: The vast majority of them have an A or better for financial strength, credit and other factors.

North American Elite in particular has revenue and earnings in the tens of millions of dollars range.

Buying Car Insurance?

Again: If you’re buying insurance for your car, then chances are that none of this information has done much for you but give you something interesting to read. If you’re not looking for corporate reinsurance or fleet vehicle insurance, then forget about North American Elite for now and do a quick search for an insurance policy by typing your ZIP code into our free auto insurance quote finder. All you need to do is hit the search button and let us do the rest.

Look for a low price, but check out reviews of any company that turns up on your search results and that you are considering. You never know if the price you’re paying is actually worth it.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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