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American Agri-Business Auto Insurance Review

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance is a part of the larger Great American Insurance Group, a company that sells all types of auto insurance coverage. The company provides extensive coverage to meet the needs of people in the businesses it insures.

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance Review Kids

The coverage is meant to be affordable for everyone, even those who only have small businesses with automobiles to insure. The company also tailors its auto insurance packages to fit exactly what is necessary for each individual business, large or small. Take advantage of our FREE quote comparison tool by entering your ZIP.

Auto Insurance for Farms and Ranches

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance insures the needs of people who own farms and ranches. Lately, there have been several advances in the agricultural industry, and American Agri-Business Auto Insurance has kept up with the advances in technology.

The company also has auto insurance for an equine business, and also has an umbrella policy that will increase liability coverage. People can purchase cheap auto insurance for their full-time farms, but they can also purchase personal auto insurance coverage from American Agri-Business Auto Insurance.

Bundling Insurance Coverages Together

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance Review Form

If owners of agricultural businesses also need other types of insurance products for their farms, they may purchase several other products from American Agri-Business Auto Insurance and Great American Insurance Group.

They will be able to bundle these policies together and simplify how they handle their auto insurance coverages.

Liability and Optional Coverage

Owners of agricultural businesses may be held liable for any bodily injuries and property damages caused in a collision. This type of coverage is mandatory and only applies toward the third parties that the policy holder hits with a company vehicle. Clients of American Agri-Business Auto Insurance may also purchase insurance for their own vehicles, a very necessary product.

High Liability Limits

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance has high liability limits. Agricultural business owners can purchase liability coverage in the amount of $1 million for each accident.

Collision Insurance

Collision coverage will apply toward the policy holders’ vehicles if an employee collides with another object. The business owners will be able to use this coverage to fix the damage to their vehicles.

If the automobile needs to be replaced, collision insurance covers this expense.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is another form of insurance that will repair the company’s vehicles if they are damaged in some way other than a collision. For example, company vehicles that are damaged in a storm will be repaired or replaced with this type of insurance.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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A Flexible Deductible

Collision and comprehensive coverage require that American Agri-Business Auto Insurance clients pay a deductible before the insurance company can begin to pay the bills. These clients have the option of setting their deductibles as low as $250 or as high as $1,000.

Miscellaneous Optional Coverages

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance Review TruckAgricultural business owners may also purchase coverage in their policies that will allow them to tow their vehicles when they need it. They even have glass coverage that helps them repair their windshields and other windows with glass breakage coverage.

The bodily injury liability coverage will not apply to the policy holders’ employees if they are the ones who caused the accident. Agricultural business owners can provide for their employees’ medical costs if they are involved in a collision while performing their jobs with Medical Payments coverage from American Agri-Business Auto Insurance.

24-Hour Claims Filing

When clients of American Agri-Business Auto Insurance need to file a claim, they may do so at any time of the day. Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day, clients may initiate their claims by telephone or email.

Paying the Bill

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance clients can also pay their bills online with the option of making each monthly payment individually or setting up recurring payments. When they choose to do this, they can have their bank accounts electronically debited or they can have the amount charged to their credit cards.

Either plan can be done without an extra fee being added to the premium.

Loss Prevention

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance goes out of its way to help its clients reduce the possibility of experiencing any loss. They just need to visit the Great American Insurance Group website, go to the “Policyholder Services” and click on the “Loss Prevention” tab. From there, they will find several publications related to commercial automobile issues.

American Agri-Business Auto Insurance’s Financial Strength

The American Agri-Business Auto Insurance company is associated with a company that had its beginning in 1872. A testament to the company’s financial dealings is the fact that it has received an “A” or higher from A.M. Best for its financial strength since 1908.

Enter Your Zip Codes for Free Quotes

The best way to find auto insurance for the best price is to compare the free quotes that agricultural businesses owners receive from a comparison tool. We have one on this website, and it only requires that people type in their zip codes to get started. The quotes will all be for the same amount of coverage, so the lowest prices will be the most advantageous. Try comparing quotes today for FREE by entering your ZIP on our homepage.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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