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Geico Auto Insurance Review

Find out all you need to know about Geico with our Geico Auto Insurance Review. Government Employees Insurance Company, better know as Geico, celebrated its 75th year in business in September of 2011. When Geico was first founded, auto insurance policies were limited exclusively to government employees and military officers who as a group represented an excellent underwriting risk.

Geico Auto Insurance

In 1980, Geico led the industry in introducing 24-hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so customers could contact Geico anytime for claims, customer service or sales. Geico is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and prides itself in being the low-cost provider. Get all of Geico’s information in the auto insurance review below:

Geico Auto Insurance Coverages

A specific and unique auto insurance coverage that Geico offers is mechanical breakdown insurance for new vehicles under fifteen thousand miles and newer than fifteen months. This coverage protects so that $250 dollars is the most a policyholder would pay for covered mechanical failure for seven years or 100,000 miles.

Geico salesSales and Service

Geico is the third largest auto insurer in the US offering very competitive rates as well as the largest direct marketer of private-passenger auto insurance in the country. Auto quotes can be obtained online by simply entering your ZIP code into our ZIP code search! We will help you find the best auto insurance for your needs!

Claims for Geico Auto Insurance

Geico has one of the best claims departments in the industry. Most of Geico’s non-injury claims are settled in only 48 hours. Geico holds an AA+ rating from Standard and Poor’s which means they have the financial strength to pay out all of their claims. That rating alone is one of the most important items to verify while shopping for insurance, especially in disaster prone regions.

Geico has many repair locations around the country known as Auto Repair Express sites, or ARX sites. ARX sites allow a customer to have their vehicle adjusted, repaired and quickly readjusted, if needed, because each location has its own assigned claims representative. The ARX sites will also provide a rental car for the policyholder proving to be a convenient one stop shop. Geico guarantees all ARX location repairs for life and provides OEM replacement parts. Geico offers many different types of state auto insurance, and anyone can get specific rates for the state they are living in!

Geico Discounts and Benefits

Geico has many benefits that many other companies are not offering such as:

  • Away-at-School Rating
  • Good Student Discount
  • Marketing Partner Affiliations
  • Bank of America Discount
  • Five Year Good Driver Discount
  • Free Accident Forgiveness
  • Prime-time Contract

These auto insurance discounts are a great way for people to save on Geico auto insurance! The Away-at-School rating is applied to dependents who are attending a school over 100 miles from home and do not have an insured auto with them. Since drivers in their early twenties are some of the most expensive to insure, this rating is a great money saver because it allows Geico to waive the premium for this driver. This benefit alone could be worth hundreds of dollars every six months.

The Good Student Discount could also be worth hundreds of dollars every six months as all student operators with a B average or higher are eligible, including the policyholder. This discount applies to all qualified drivers under 24 years of age.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Geico offers an auto-pay program that is linked to a credit card or checking account to save customers time and hassle. Another time saver available is Paperless Options. In an effort to go green, policyholders who are enrolled, receive their policy paperwork and bills via email quicker than through the mail. If a policyholder is enrolled in Paperless Options and has his/her Bank of America checking account linked to the auto-pay program, a 3% discount is applied. Applying these discounts will allow for consumers to find cheap auto insurance!

Free Accident Forgiveness is awarded to policyholders who have been accident free with Geico for at least five years. With Accident Forgiveness, Geico will not increase the premium if a driver has an at-fault accident. Policies are allowed one “free” accident every five years. This benefit is not available under all contracts.

Geico’s Primetime contract is available in most states and for policyholders over the age of 50. This contract is a guaranteed renewal program for customers who:

  1. Do not have any household members age 24 or younger
  2. Have not had any accidents or violations with in the previous three years
  3. Do not use any vehicles for business purposes

A guaranteed renewal is a contract stating Geico will not “drop” a policy due to age or claim history. All insurance companies make money insuring preferred risks. Many auto insurance companies, simply because a customer is older and possibly a higher risk to the company, will decide to non-renew the policy.

Auto Insurance discountsSome companies will pay out a claim for a mature driver and cancel the policy leaving the insured not only looking for a new provider, but now there is a claim that could warrant extremely high rates if an insurance company would even consider insuring him/her.

When courting insurance companies, there are more aspects to consider than rates alone. While many companies advertise 24 hour claims and service, many customers find that the representative on the other end of the line is an employee that is not licensed, prompting the claims process to be delayed until a licensed agent can get back with them.

Geico has licensed sales, service and claims agents available for most states at any time of day or night who will be able to assist with no delay. Geico has proven to be an industry leader by not only delivering all of these benefits but also catering to most shoppers’ highest priority, which is always going to be low rates and outstanding customer service.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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