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Frankenmuth Auto Insurance Review

Frankenmuth Auto Insurance takes its duties above and beyond what would be expected of an auto insurance company. Outside of offering the coverage that all drivers need to have in tort states and no-fault states, Frankenmuth Auto Insurance also adds extra perks to its coverage that cannot be found at most auto insurance companies. Find the best auto insurance by comparing auto insurance companies with our FREE ZIP search! Enter your ZIP and compare!

car identity theftResolution of Identity Theft

After people discover that someone has stolen their information and used it to make purchases, their troubles are just beginning. They often need to spend a lot of money restoring their financial reputations. Frankenmuth Auto Insurance is a rare insurance company that helps its policy holders put their finances in order after an identity theft.

If a Frankenmuth Auto Insurance policy holder has his identity stolen, the auto insurance company will offer the services of Identity Theft 911 without charge. Identity Theft 911 is a company that offers each policy holder their own advocates who guide them through the process of restoring their credit scores as well as re-establishing their identities. Be covered under the best auto insurance by using our ZIP code search!

Identity Theft 911

Identity Theft 911 is a leader within the identity theft industry, so the Frankenmuth Auto Insurance Company is not offering something that is subpar. Several important companies use the services of Identity Theft 911 such as:

  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Universities
  • Colleges

The company will even monitor Frankenmuth Auto Insurance policy holdersí credit for an entire year after the fraud has been discovered.

Travel Assistance

People can have difficulties when they are traveling, and this can put them in highly difficult situations because they are far from home. For example, if they lose important documents, they may not be able to obtain copies very easily if they are out the country. Frankenmuth Auto Insurance also has a remedy for their auto insurance clients when they are traveling and find themselves in these types of circumstances.

If Frankenmuth Auto Insurance clients lose their identification documents or their travel documents, they will have help free of charge from the Travel Assistance coverage that comes with their auto insurance. Whether they are in the United States or they are traveling outside of the country, they can tap into their Travel Assistance coverage for help.

frankenmuth auto insurance reviewGo Green

Purchasing green products and protecting the environment is important to a lot of people, and Frankenmuth Auto Insurance Company has made it possible for these clients to participate in their ìgreenî program. In order to go green, Frankenmuth Auto Insurance clients only need to change their policies to e-Delivery when they log in to their accounts on the Frankenmuth website, and they will have a green account.

Michigan Insurance Coverage

For the most competitive prices, Frankenmuth Auto Insurance offers several Types of auto insurance coverage for their Michigan and Ohio clients. Because Michigan is a no-fault state, Frankenmuth Auto Insurance offers the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance that drivers are required to purchase.

Property Protection Insurance

Frankenmuth adds another type of insurance that applies no matter who caused the accident for its Michigan residents. Property Protection Insurance (PPI) pays for property damages and provides up to $1,000,000 coverage for all property damages.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Residual Coverage

After Michiganders have purchased their PIP and PPI insurance, if they believe that the coverage is inadequate, they might have to purchase an umbrella policy from another company to extend their coverage. Frankenmuth gives its policy holders the choice of purchasing residual bodily injury and property damage liability coverage with the same company.

Ohio Insurance Coverage

Because Ohio is a tort state where the at-fault party in an accident does need to be determined, Frankenmuth Auto Insurance sells the bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage that the state of Ohio requires of its drivers. But, Frankenmuth Auto Insurance takes their insurance coverage much farther than other auto insurance companies. Compare auto insurance rates by state by entering your ZIP code into our FREE search tool!

Accidental Death

When Ohioans purchase auto insurance coverage from Frankenmuth, they also receive Accidental Death coverage with their liability policies. This coverage applies to the people named on the policy as well as the family members of the named insured. The death benefits will be paid if the victim of the car accident dies within three months of the car collision.

collectible car Rental Reimbursement

When a policy holderís vehicle will be inoperable for longer than 24 hours, rental reimbursement from Frankenmuth Auto Insurance pays for a rental car up to $20 per day. Every policy holder who purchases a liability policy from Frankenmuth Auto Insurance receives this coverage.

Collectible Car Insurance

Collectible car insurance can be hard to find for those whose vehicles can be considered collectible. Frankenmuth Auto Insurance has insurance for collectible cars that fall under the antique category and are at least 25 year old; the company can also insure classic cars that are less than 25 years old.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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