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What are the Best Places to Find Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

what are the best places to find your car insurance quotes onlineSome of the best places to find auto insurance quotes online are the top companies, like Allstate, Progressive, Geico, Esurance, and Liberty Mutual. Their names are recognizable and they back up every claim the make public. Virtually everyone knows their brand.

Before you know it, you can have great car insurance rates by entering your ZIP into the FREE quote finder on this page!

These companies have been in the business of offering automobile insurance for many years. Not only that, but they also have excellent reputations for being reliable and trustworthy.

This is essential for anyone who wants to purchase car insurance using the Internet because there are a vast numbers of questionable sites today. Many of which, will take your money without offering much in return. Some may not even hold valid certification or licenses. They know they can hide behind a website without fear of retaliation.

Like most consumers today, you want to make sure the auto insurance company you choose has a strong business ethic and a solid foundation. When you access their site, you need to make sure they stand behind their offer.

You should realize that the amount you pay for car insurance can change, based on a fluctuating insurance market.

However, these numbers should never stray so far from the original amount that you have cause for alarm.

A small percentage is acceptable as rates may vary from year to year. However, more than one or two percent is virtually impossible, since rates rarely increase that much in 12 months.

Geico Retains More Customers than Most Competitors

According to a retention report from J.D. Power and Associates, Geico automobile insurance is the top runner in this area. In fact, over 90% of their customers remain loyal to their services. This is an incredible feat; especially considering the number of clever marketing strategies that many employ.

what are the best places to find some car insurance quotes onlineHowever, no matter how cute, funny, or catchy the car insurance commercials are, it is obvious that they must provide exceptional service. This begins with the quote process. With Geico, it is quick, straightforward, and very easy to understand. Unlike some of the other fly-by-night auto insurance providers online, Geico seems to have mastered the technique of providing prices using the Internet.

When you visit their webpage, you notice the difference immediately. They do not overcomplicate the process by loading it down with unnecessary links. You just enter minimal information and receive an estimate in minutes.

Not only will you have the rate you anticipate, but also you can continue to the application portion if you desire. Some other companies require lengthy forms, with endless pages of useless information. Geico simplifies everything, which is why they state anyone can do it, even a Caveman.

Allstate Puts Their Customers in Safe Hands

They coined the phrase, good hands many years ago and Allstate continues to provide exceptional service.

To obtain an auto insurance quote, you need only access their website and answer a few questions. You receive a preliminary estimate in minutes.

In addition, within a matter of hours, you receive a telephone call from a highly trained professional who verifies your online information and offers you the opportunity to join the Allstate family.

what are the best places to find your auto insurance quotes onlineTheir low-pressure approach makes them a top provider for car insurance nationwide. No other car insurance provider takes this extra step, which shows their level of dedication to potential patrons.

Allstate really cares about their customers. The collaborative efforts between their company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA shows just how seriously they consider safety behind the wheel.

Progressive Really is a Progressive Company

Whoever decided to name this auto insurance company really thought things through. This is one of the most evolutionary, forward-thinking car insurance providers existing today.

As a direct-to-customer carrier, they do not utilize agents, as Allstate and Liberty Mutual do. Instead, they choose to communicate on a one-on-one level. This intrigues new customers, who may want to eliminate using someone in the middle.

Using the Progressive online system allows a multitude of options and this has been their redeeming quality among their rivals. One of the most exciting features is their ability to provide comparisons between auto insurance companies, immediately displaying the difference.

However, Progressive has such honesty; they never guarantee they will have the lowest rates. This way of doing business appeals to virtually everyone because of the forthright and realistic approach to car insurance. Perhaps this is why Progressive continues to grow each year.

what are the best places to find some auto insurance quotes onlineIn 2012, Keynote listed Progressive as the top auto insurance carrier, scoring 89 out of a possible 100. The areas of focus included, functionality, privacy, quality, security, ease of use and availability.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Esurance Not Such a New Company After All

Up until a few years ago, many people did not know about Allstate’s other insurance company, Esurance. Nevertheless, thanks to witty commercials with sharp cartoon characters aimed at the Generation X and Y demographic, they enjoy a healthy customer base.

According to Census Scope, these two groups were born between 1966 and 1985. They also comprise the largest number of licensed drivers in the United States today. This is also the favored age group of most car insurance companies, because of the level of experience behind the wheel.

what are the best places to find car insurance quotes onlineMost baby boomers have the least experience with computers because they did not grow up in a technologically advanced era.The baby boomer generation tends to use the telephone and in-person agents for their auto insurance needs. However, those between the ages of 27 and 49 are extremely familiar with computers and online applications. In fact, this group prefers this method to all others. This is where Esurance shines.

They provide a way to acquire a car insurance estimate quickly and efficiently. They also allow access through their App that users can download free; one more appealing option to the Gen X and Y groups.

Thanks to Allstate’s backing, they have the experience and financial fortitude to offer great car insurance at top rates. They do not have the concerns of other start-up auto insurance companies because of more than 80 years of experience behind their founder.

Esurance’s site has wonderful options that set them apart.

All of your data is saved automatically on Esuance’s website. If you begin to enter your information and need to stop, you can access the saved data link as soon as you click on the link.

You can also choose between inputting your personal information yourself or you can allow the site access to your driving record through their Department of Motor Vehicles link. If you select this option, you also agree to allow them access to other sources to help determine your preliminary rate.

Liberty Mutual is Helpful, Friendly, and Professional

Liberty Mutual is one of the only car insurance companies to place a time limit on their website. They state you can receive a free estimate in approximately 10 minutes. To make such an extraordinary claim, they must have organization and a streamlined process. Liberty Mutual has some of the best features that many Internet sites do not recognize.

what are the best places to find auto insurance quotes onlineLiberty Mutual’s webpage requires only four steps from beginning to end. You enter your information, the vehicle data and add any additional drivers. The final step leads you directly to your estimated rate.

Second, they have three options to choose from if you need immediate assistance. You can chat live, reach one of their agents, or contact customer service. They also provide frequently asked questions that you can review before you start. Just in case you have an inquiry about the type of information, they require.

Next, they provide upfront savings references, based on national statistics and comparison tools. If you have concerns about security, they guarantee in writing that they will never offer your personal data to any other company. They even have a customer feedback link for you to give them advice on their layout.

When an automobile insurance company takes this kind of time to gain new customers, it shows that they have a level of professionalism unmatched by many. They do not concern themselves with money as much as building trust from the onset of your inquiry.

Do Not Stop at Just One Auto Insurance Company

You can use all of these auto insurance companies to gather quotes for your best prices. In addition, consider the services, availability, discount options, and requirements.

Even though you may have a good list of car insurance companies, you should research each one.

You still need to find the best match for your needs and you can only accomplish your task by comparing one over another. Remember, they all provide you with the same levels of coverage, so your job is to differentiate what makes them unique to your specifications.

what are the best places to find an auto insurance quote onlineIf you prefer to work with an agent, even after using their website, you will likely need to choose Allstate or Liberty Mutual. They are the only carriers that provide face-to-face contact. The remaining companies use direct-to-customer methods.

The Internet had made it so much easier to track down car insurance quotes compared to how it was done in the past. You can easily find quotes to suit your needs without ever needing to leave your home.

It’s not tricky to find great car insurance rates when you enter your ZIP code into our FREE rate finder!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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