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Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance Review

When searching for auto insurance online, a valuable and much-needed tool that is literally at your fingertips is the comparison website. This allows potential insurance customers and consumers to get and compare free auto insurance quotes from a number of varying auto insurance companies online. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code and you’ll get FREE insurance quotes from different insurance companies.

Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance Review Hybrid

Another helpful tool for those looking for auto insurance is to read up on actual customer reviews of insurance companies, which can also be found in an online search.

Here is a review of Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance:

As of January 2011, Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance merged and became part of the Austin Mutual Insurance Company. Cooperative Mutual and its remaining assets were bought by the larger company and all of it’s remaining insurance policy holders conduct business through Austin Mutual’s brokers and their online web site.

Cooperative Mutual Insurance and Austin Mutual Insurance Merger

In October 2010, the merger between Cooperative Mutual, which was established in 1935 and is located in Omaha, NE, and Austin Mutual began — not because Cooperative was in financial trouble or failing, but because it made sense for both insurance businesses.

While both insurance companies were well established, had secure financial backing and a rather large customer base, Cooperative Mutual’s big focus was providing insurance for agricultural cooperatives.

Austin Mutual saw this benefit, and, having their own interest in the agricultural insurance market, Austin Mutual made an offer to purchase Cooperative.

The offer to merge was accepted by Cooperative Mutual because the company had such a select type of policy holder that they were not capable of offering the best and up to date insurance products to their policy holders as the agricultural business changed over the years.

The agriculture business has been growing in leaps and bounds and has changed from something uncomplicated to a complex and demanding industry through the years. While this is particularly true in the insurance business, Cooperative Mutual needed Austin Mutual to add to and expand what it could offer their customers.

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Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance Claims

Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance Review Save

As with any stronger merged insurance company, Austin Mutual Auto Insurance is now able to give out more types of auto insurance coverage to policy holders at a cheaper price and as their insurance coverage widens, so does their capability to carry out and pay claims more quickly.

Even though they are now one company, Cooperative Mutual kept their main business headquarters in Nebraska while Austin Mutual kept their primary business headquarters in Minnesota. What this means for insurance customers is double the number of agents, customer service representatives, and locations to get coverage or to begin processing claims.

Agriculture Insurance Locations

There are eight agriculturally friendly states where insurance policies can be bought and satisfied, and they are:

  • North Dakota
  • Illinois
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota

Statistics show that Kansas and Nebraska have the most insured clients, but it’s difficult to say if this is because there are more agricultural chances in these states or if it’s because Austin Mutual employees sell and market their insurance products first hand in these states.

In the other six state locations, independent agencies and brokers are brought in to advertise and sell Austin Mutual insurance products.

Cooperative Mutual Personal Products

With the merged insurance company, Austin Mutual can offer policy holders even more diverse products to clients, including a personal line of insurance products that include:

  • Personal auto
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Mobile homeowners insurance
  • Dwelling insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

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Types of Auto Insurance

  • Medical payments Coverage
  • Uninsured motorist Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Injury Coverage
  • Property damage liability Coverage

All policies are written in agreement with each individual state’s requirements. Austin Mutual also offers several different optional features that include:

  • Accident forgiveness
  • Safe drivers discount program
  • Option of six or 12 month coverage periods

Homeowners Insurance Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance Review Racing

  • Traditional primary residence coverage
  • Mobile home coverage for trailers under 20 years old
  • Dwelling insurance

Dwelling insurance covers houses that are bought as rental properties or houses used primarily for seasonal occupancy. All of these insurance policies can be tailored to fit a policy holder’s individual needs.

Cooperative Mutual Commercial Products

  • Business owners Coverage
  • Business auto Coverage
  • Worker’s compensation Coverage
  • Commercial umbrella Coverage

All of these insurance policies are created and written to assist business owners get the most out of their money so they can retain more money and financial support to circulate back into their respective business.

The commercial umbrella insurance coverage is particularly vital as it can help rescue your business if a lawsuit ever is filed against you or your employees. Even one lawsuit that is not covered under a commercial umbrella policy can close down a business in a matter of weeks. Business owners can never be sure of what could happen on your business property commercial umbrella insurance is very important for owners.

For more information on Cooperative Mutual Auto Insurance consumer, visit their website at or call their toll free number 1-800-642-8572. For a free quote in your area, go to a insurance comparison website, enter your ZIP code and compare FREE insurance quotes.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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