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6 Reasons to Go With Comprehensive Auto Insurance

6 reasons to go with some comprehensive automobile insuranceThe 6 reasons to go with comprehensive auto insurance all include extra protection. This level of coverage virtually guarantees assistance for all kinds of damage.

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Most people tend to group comprehensive and collision together as part of a full-coverage package. However, this may confuse you since the differences between the two are enormous.

Comprehensive coverage helps you recover losses due to problems that arise because of unforeseen events. They include damage from vandalism, floods, or fire.

Collision on the other hand helps repair damages due to accidents with other vehicles or stationary objects. Suppose you back out of your parking spot and hit a shopping cart. You may park your car on the street undergoing construction. Within a few moments, something drops from a scaffold and lands on your rooftop. Your collision coverage pays to repair in these cases.

You can purchase comprehensive without collision. This is something else many people do not realize either. When reviewing options on your policy, they often place the two together.

It is a good idea to consider collision coverage, but it is not a necessity.

Comprehensive, works with a vast number of experiences you may encounter. It is more than one type of security because there are multiple layers involved.

6 reasons to go with some comprehensive auto insuranceIn many ways, this type of insurance is your peace of mind. You cannot prevent bad things from happening, but you can certainly prepare for the worst and take precautions for the aftermath.

Car Theft

The top reason to purchase comprehensive auto insurance coverage is theft. The Federal Bureau of Investigation explains how car theft continues to soar across the nation.

In fact, they created the National Auto Fraud and Theft Prevention System as a deterrent to car thieves because of the current statistics. According to their records, approximately 737,000 people reported car theft to their auto insurance carrier in 2010. No matter where you live or frequent, you are at risk.

In the past, many believed they could avoid this problem because of the type of car they drive. Most thought if their vehicle was not one of the popular models, they were safe. Unfortunately, the numbers say otherwise. It really does not matter anymore. If a car thief sees the opportunity to steal your vehicle, they will take advantage of the situation.

When you select comprehensive car insurance, your property receives the right type of protection against this crime. Your car insurance company will work with you and your local police department to attempt to retrieve your car. If they cannot locate your vehicle within a certain amount of time, you receive a payment that equals the current value. The money you receive helps you purchase a new one or pay off the loan if you have one.

Protection of Personal Property

6 reasons to go with comprehensive automobile insurancePerhaps no one steals your car, but instead they take the contents. This actually happens quite frequently. It seems unfair to blame any one demographic, but often teenagers catch the heat for these kinds of petty crimes. However, many things you leave in your vehicle are not cheap; for example, your laptop or iPad.

Any type of technological gadget is quite expensive. Many people do not think to insure these items individually, since they carry them most of the time. What happens when someone removes them from your car? There are several scenarios where this occurs, most frequently when you rush during the morning.

Maybe you stop at your local coffee shop for your daily cup of java. Perhaps, you hurry along to get your son or daughter to kindergarten on time. It may not make sense for you to grab your laptop bag if you only plan to leave your car for a few minutes. Unfortunately, this is all the time it takes for an opportunist.

Comprehensive car insurance does not only protect your vehicle, it also provides reimbursement for anything left inside. Your personal property is important and deserves proper safeguarding.

Theft of Car Parts

One of the more popular trends among thieves today is stolen car parts, specifically air bags. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has a report discussing this new black market movement. It seems the retail cost of new air bags is about $1,000. This entices some to remove them and sell them for $50 to $200 to places like chop shops.

6 reasons to go with comprehensive auto insuranceThe worst part is they are very good at the removal process. They do not need to risk stealing the entire car they can simply slip into the vehicle and go to work unnoticed. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

They steal the driver, passenger, and even the side-curtain air bags without damaging the outer shell too badly. Many times, the owner of the vehicle does not know what occurred until it is too late.

Luckily, local law enforcement officials have tips they distribute to their communities to help identify these crimes. One of the easiest ways to detect tampering is the Supplemental Restraint System or SRS light.

Each time you start the engine, this light should flash, and you should hear a bell or ding sound. If you notice either missing, notify the NICB. They have a toll-free number set up for these specific crimes.

They also encourage all victims to report the loss to their car insurance company immediately. This is a form of theft and vandalism because someone tampered with your vehicle and removed the contents. The comprehensive auto insurance coverage can help secure new air bags to make sure you have the proper level of security.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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As a Requirement on a New Car Purchase

Although liability bodily injury and property damage coverage is the only requirement by state law, you may need to purchase comprehensive car insurance. This is almost a certainty for those with new vehicles.

In 2010, the United States Department of Transportation reported more than 510,000 new car sales. Today, most people are not financially equipped to pay $15,000 to $35,000 in cash for their vehicle.

The average American either has a lease agreement or receives approval from the bank as a loan.

6 reasons to choose some comprehensive auto insuranceBanks and finance companies who offer automobile loans make a huge investment. It is true that your responsibility lies in the repayment, but this takes years to complete. Meanwhile, they hold the title.

They will more than likely want you to take out comprehensive coverage to ensure that your car insurance company pays for any damages. This lowers their risk. If this pertains to you, it is helpful to have this frame of mind when you start shopping for your new car.

Weather Related Issues

Certain weather related issues can cause major damage to your car. You cannot plan these types of events; sometimes they just happen. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center shows how high winds and hailstorms struck the states of Maine and Pennsylvania recently.

This type of severe weather appears frequently in certain areas and places your vehicle at risk. Even the smallest hailstone can crack a windshield or dent the roof of your car. Gale force winds can uproot small trees and send debris flying for miles.

6 reasons to choose comprehensive automobile insuranceFlooding is also a major concern, especially when you consider the electrical system of your vehicle. History shows how Hurricane Katrina caused approximately $96 billion in damage. The majority of the destruction resulted from flooding.

Many times, the problems occur while your car is parked right in front of your home or business, when you feel secure. This is why comprehensive car insurance is so necessary.

When you file a claim to repair your vehicle, you do not have to feel anxious or worried. Your agent will work diligently to solve your dilemma and you can proceed with your day.

You Store the Vehicle in a Garage

This is something many customers forget to include because they assume their homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs. The reality is homeowner’s coverage is for your home only. Even though you park your car in the garage, you must have separate coverage.

If you have a fire that consumes the home, including the attached garage, you must use your comprehensive car insurance. If not, you will shoulder the burden yourself.

6 reasons to choose comprehensive auto insuranceThe same is true for damage from animals, like raccoons that often wander into garages looking for food. Scratch marks, broken windows, and bent antennas can cost a pretty penny. If the scratch marks reach below the paint surface, you may need extensive repairs. Comprehensive coverage can be your best friend during these times.

Many things occur over the course of owning one vehicle. It is difficult to predict most circumstances. If you go with comprehensive car insurance, this is only way to have adequate defenses against whatever life brings your way.

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