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Tips for Getting the Best Auto Insurance Rates

tips for getting the best car insurance ratesYou can utilize a few great tips for getting the best auto insurance rates. The most practical will appeal to you on a personal level. As you begin shopping around, be sure to keep them in mind. This is the perfect time to be selfish.

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The best auto insurance rates are not necessarily the lowest, but they are comparable. This means they should align with the industry standard costs. Unless you have a very poor driving history, you should not expect to pay over a certain amount.

Auto insurance rates are individual. They depend on what you want to protect. If you need a high level of coverage, you will pay more than someone whose policy is limited. This does not mean you should select fewer options. There are many ways to save money without shortchanging yourself.

The question for you remains. How far are you willing to go? There are countless websites dedicated to saving on auto insurance. To get the most out of your search, you need to be clever and sharp.

Investigate the Industry

Find out how the auto insurance industry adjusts their rates. According to Consumer Reports, costs are on the rise. Of course, this is no surprise to most customers. However, the increase of 10% in the past four years seems a little extreme.

What are the reasons behind the jump in rates? Are uninsured motorists a major contributing factor? Perhaps the number of claims skyrocketed recently. At any rate, the answers you obtain should put you in a better frame of mind.

tips on getting the best car insurance ratesIf the majority of the auto insurance companies raise their rates substantially, this could be the start of a trend. On the other hand, some could just increase more than others do. This can also affect the national average.

As it turns out, every car insurance provider must contact the Department of Insurance or similar state facility. The commissioner responsible for regulating rates must approve the increase. This means they need to prove their proposal meets specific requirements.

By state law, car insurance cannot increase by unreasonable or excessive amounts. The state legislators will deny any request that is unfair or discriminatory. The actuary team must be able to provide an estimate including the amount of added expenses to justify the increase. Some common items include claim settlement costs, administrative fees, and operational expenses.

If they can prove these costs are proportionate to the amounts of the estimates, their rate increases are approved. However, the commissioner monitors the changes for at least 90 days. If they discover discrepancies, they have the right to request a reversal.

This is one reason why smaller companies have more increases. They suffer from lack of capital and fewer investors. While the huge, mega companies that seem to have an unlimited amount of cash. They have funds for consistent advertising and other marketing strategies. They balance their efforts nicely and seldom need to raise their rates.

Learn the Art of Negotiation

tips on getting the best auto insurance ratesThe expert team at explains the importance of this skill. Knowing how to influence the car insurance agent or representative will bring you success. In today’s world with competition at every turn, negotiating can put you on level ground.

Negotiating your car insurance rates enables you to achieve the results you want and deserve. Be sure to use positive techniques. You should not demean anyone. It is simply a way of applying strategy to your advantage.

Your best outcome will entail receiving the price you think is fair. If you are shrewd enough, you will keep the relationship for a long time. Longevity can be the best way to guarantee great car insurance rates.

You will need to build your confidence and this means having the correct data. You should get a hold of all of the necessary information. Auto insurance providers you contact will have their own agenda.

They are the experts and know every angle. You will need to approach them using their terms and phrases. This will show them that you are an educated consumer.

To be a good negotiator, you must practice. Do not expect to learn overnight. However, if you begin to familiarize yourself with the small nuances, you can improve quickly.

Make sure you do not contact any car insurance companies until you are comfortable. The reason many consider negotiation to be an art is that it should be second nature. You should not sound forced or rehearsed.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Be Honest

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud one of the main reasons for high rates is fraud. Customers file false claims.

Ultimately, this affects everyone who has an insurance policy. Some states are guiltier of this crime than others are. However, the eventuality of this issue affecting the entire nation is quite apparent.

tips on getting some of the best auto insurance ratesTo help keep your premiums low, you should always be honest. This includes during the initial application phase. By law, you are entitled to receive adequate car insurance coverage. You cannot receive a denial unless you fall into a certain category. This includes lying on your application.

The car insurance providers equate failure to divulge information with lying. If you deliberately leave off a negative piece of your driving record, they can deny or cancel your application. If you inadvertently forget to inform your car insurance provider of a serious offense, contact them immediately.

They still may increase your rates or cancel your coverage, but it is the right move. They have up to 60 days to review your status. This is true even if you already have an active policy and make regular payments. The 60-day probation period helps protect the car insurance company from future issues.

Inform Your Car Insurance Provider of a Change in Status

If you recently married, you may qualify for a number of discounts. The most obvious is the multi-car discount. However, the car insurance companies may lower your risk factor. This is especially true for younger couples.

tips for getting the best auto insurance ratesThe majority of auto insurance providers consider young males between 25 and 30 more responsible after marriage. They also believe married couples are safer drivers. This reduces the likelihood of accidents and car insurance claims. This means your premium costs can decrease, just because you got married.

You can get a great rate before singles that may have more experience. If you continue to exhibit preferable characteristics, your costs may keep dropping. As you age, you may find your savings can really begin to add up.

In addition, if you reside in a state that recognizes domestic partnerships, you qualify. For example, the state of Washington’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner participates.

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

If you have not purchased your vehicle yet, be careful with your choices. You need to consider safety over speed if you want the best rates. This means you may need to forgo the sports car and pick the family vehicle instead.

tips for getting some of the best car insurance ratesThe top safety picks according to the Insurance for Highway Safety include choices like, the Buick LaCrosse or the Ford Taurus. There are other categories, including SUV’s, so you have a variety.

If you must have something a little more stylish, the Audi, BMW, and Infiniti make the list. Just remember the car insurance companies look at these reports too. If you are not careful with your selection, you may pay more.

These vehicles top the list because they have above average safety features. They also prove to be the best in the areas of rollover tests, crash tests, and rear impact resistance. These cars also have electronic stability control (ESC). The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety requires ESC as they discovered this is a major factor in reducing crashes.

Shop Online with a Direct Provider

On average, customers who go online to purchase their auto insurance save more. You can receive a lower quote and receive extra discounts. Many direct online companies offer great prices. They can afford to lower their rates because they deal with the customer one-on-one.

tips for getting some of the best auto insurance ratesIf you use a company that requires agents, your initial costs may be higher. This is true even if they have an online website. You may not have the option to finish the process in one step. An agent may still have the obligation of contacting you. When the process becomes more complicated, the costs tend to increase.

An agent can provide you with the hands on approach and personal attention. However, the overhead is expensive. It costs more to maintain individual offices rather than one call center with a few hundred representatives. Agents also have higher salaries than customer service representatives do. When you calculate all of the extras, it is apparent to see how the expenses add up.

Unfortunately, the car insurance companies who use agents must pass the costs to the customer. This eliminates your edge and the ability to save money.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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