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Great West Auto Insurance Review

Great West Auto Insurance Review

Getting insurance for your vehicles, no matter what type they are, is a very important task. It needs to be researched and you should get quotes from many lenders to compare auto insurance in order to secure yourself good insurance coverage at an affordable rate. The benefits to comparing quotes from different insurance companies are many.

great west auto insurance review

If you are a trucker, your auto insurance is even more important because not only are you insuring something that is worth much more, it is generally how you make your income. This means that it is even more important to cover yourself in case of an accident or other problems.

About Great West Insurance

Great West Insurance was formed many years ago in 1956 by Joseph Morten and his son. The company was formed because the Interstate Commerce Commission noticed the need to begin regulating the trucking industry back in 1936. This is why Great West Auto Insurance was founded. It began with a collaboration of members from the trucking industry as a way to offer insurance coverage to all truckers that needed it.

Currently, the company is now known as the Great West Casualty Company. The company is known for specializing in the trucking industry’s insurance needs, though they do have other areas of interests, one being the aircraft industry. Besides trucking insurance, Great West also offers coverage for liability, worker’s compensation, surety as well as excess coverage.

The company is known for their integrity and they are proud of their employees and the history of the company. Many insurance company raters such as the A.M. Best company has rated Great West with an “A+” rating. Other rating companies such as Fitch and Moody’s rate the company with “A” ratings as well. These great ratings are outstanding proof of the company’s financial prowess and their solid record of being able to pay out their clients insurance claims.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Insurance Savings through Great West Auto

One of the benefits that Great West Auto offers their customers is deductible reimbursements to their owner operator drivers that are required to pay for motor carrier deductibles. This deal is provided to Great West customers if physical damage insurance is purchased through them.

For those that do not own their own trailers, they can get savings by purchasing miscellaneous equipment coverage. This coverage can be used to insure GPS systems, computers, two-way radios and other electronic equipment. Because of this, the customer does not have to purchase unnecessary coverage.

 Auto Insurance For Truckers

Truck insurance is one of the most essential purchases that a trucker can buy, but the thought of searching for insurance and comparing companies can seem like such a long and daunting task. This can be even more so if the trucker is new to the business and has no clue where to begin their search. However, getting quotes for truck insurance does not have to be very hard, and there are plenty of ways to find a great deal.

mack truck insurance comparison

The best place to look for great trucking auto insurance is through an Internet search. This is the easiest and most recommended way of searching. This method is more convenient than visiting multiple insurance agencies or even calling them up on the phone. There are many websites where you are able to fill out a single form to get multiple quotes from different companies at one time.

Use a Price Comparison Website when Searching for Insurance

As with Great West Auto, searching for trucking or auto insurance can be much simpler when you use an insurance price comparison website. Thankfully, there are many of those sites available to use online these days. There will be many quotes for you to compare and contrast by filling out one single form. These comparison websites will list everything in an easy to read format to make finding the right insurance policy for your needs much simpler.

auto insurance comparison website

It is imperative to use an auto insurance comparison tool when searching for insurance. This is the only way to guarantee that you will get a great policy. When looking though the quotes from different companies, pay close attention to features like the premium, deductibles and the amounts of coverage.

Benefits of Using a Broker to Compare Multiple Insurance Quotes

Another option for finding a great insurance policy is through the use of a broker. An insurance broker will be able to find many more quotes for you to compare than you could find by yourself. Using a broker will also save you a lot of time because they will be doing the searching for you. A broker may also be able to offer you their advice on the quotes and help you choose the best policy for your specific coverage needs.

To make buying your insurance policy as easy as possible, the best place to search is online. The ability to get multiple quotes to compare through both price comparison sites as well as insurance brokers is always right at your fingertips and a few clicks away. This makes the whole process extremely quick and simple. Anyone who is needing affordable insurance that offers great coverage needs to implement their search online. If you are new to acquiring insurance, check out this auto insurance guide.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save